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‘You are what you eat’ – the mantra of an increasingly health conscious society was not only the inspiration but also the guiding principle in the development of our Peri Deli product offering.

Peri Deli is rooted in the values of passion, quality and magical Peri-Peri that originally defined Nando’s. So expect glimpses of their Afro-Portuguese origins but think African Mediterranean with food so fresh it’s practically still growing and flavours delivered in a way that can be enjoyed in a style of sharing and living life to the full. They’re talking Hummus, Tabouleh salad, Panzanella and freshly baked artisanal breads – all with pinches of Peri-Peri where possible of course! Obviously their heritage guarantees traditional Portuguese foods like Canja Soup, Portuguese breads and pastries on our shelves – all which go exceptionally well with any Vida-e brew.

Naturally Nando’s flame grilled Peri-Peri chicken is the classic on the menu complemented by fabulous variety of freshly prepared foods. Think freshly baked and filled rolls, delectable salads, the complete breakfast (smoothies, muesli and fresh fruit!) and, of course, the deli buffet which offers a range of to-go meals, sold by weight. The food is great, is freshly stocked from the kitchen and what’s on offer changes daily.

They’re certainly not the timid or conservative type so expect aspirational ingredients like aubergine, haloumi, goats cheese and rocket in bold combinations complimented by black mushrooms and sweet chilli – bright and vibrant, making a flavour and texture statement about both the food as well as the entire Peri Deli eating experience.

And their food philosophy?
They’re all about honest, delicious and innovative grab & go food – freshly prepared and flavoured with our magical ingredient Peri-Peri. They only use the finest, freshest ingredients – their chickens are free range and never frozen, they source organic wherever possible (and are working on long term relationships with suppliers who share our sustainable philosophies) and because they, without fail, search for the freshest produce around, consumers will be delighted to know that as the seasons change, so will their menu.

What would anything Nando’s be without the sensational enhancement of the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, otherwise known as Peri-Peri? So yes, where possible they’ve incorporated it into their food offerings and have given conventional egg-mayo, chicken-mayo, Tabouleh, Humus and olives new life with a kick! For those who are faint-hearted, not to worry, muffins and juices are reluctantly Peri-Peri free but they dare you to add a little spice to that – they promise, a touch of Peri-Peri enhances the flavour in absolutely anything.

Peri Deli guarantees fresh and healthier food fast.

Nando’s Peri Deli will be opening country wide, but until then, the following stores are open to the public:

Nando’s Peri Deli Broadacres – 011 465 4910
Broadacres Shopping Complex, Cedar Avenue (about 3km north of Witkoppen)

Nando’s Peri Deli Rivonia – 011 234 1851
Rivonia Boulavard, in Mutual Village next to the Mugg & Bean.

Look out for more of the freshest stores to open soon.

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