Natural Healing Alternatives

People in general get sick way too often, don’t you agree? If we’re not sick, we’re run down, exhausted and are just not feeling 100 per cent. In light of this, we thought that we’d look up some natural alternatives so that you don’t have to visit the GP every time you have a sniffle or just don’t quite feel like yourself – are you ready to jump on the natural alternative bandwagon with us?



Reiki is a Japanese method used to reduce stress, induce relaxation and promote healing. It’s a spiritual process that’s based on the belief that the Reiki therapist can channel their energy into their client through touch. The purpose of this is to kick-start the natural healing processes of the body and also to promote overall balance.


This form of alternative medicine aims to stimulate peoples’ natural healing abilities. Homeopathy works with your body’s own healing powers – homeopaths work to treat all symptoms, including spiritual, emotional and mental. It’s a safe, gentle technique that has no side effects as all homeopathic medicine is totally natural.


Reflexologists believe that certain areas of the feet and hands correspond with specific parts of the body, for example, a certain point in the middle of your foot corresponds with your pancreas. Treatment is done by applying pressure to specific areas on the hands and feet in order to treat ailments throughout the body. It’s a holistic treatment that’s intended to target the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.


Naturopathy is a combination of a few alternative medicinal practices including homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture and diet, to resolve health issues. Like reflexology, naturopathy aims to get to the root of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. It is also intended to get rid of any obstacles that hinder healing and recovery and help individuals on their self-healing journey.


Acupressure is a combination of acupuncture and pressure. There are many acupressure throughout the body – an acupressure therapist will apply pressure to these points using their elbows, hands or special tools to stimulate the body’s natural healing capabilities. Benefits of this method of treatment include the release of tension, increased circulation and decreased pain.


Cupping is an ancient method of natural medicine that involves placing cups onto skin to create a suction. People who practice this method of healing believe that cupping stimulates blood flow, which in turn promotes healing. This method is used to treat muscular pain, scar tissue, swelling, blood disorders and skin problems – just be warned, cupping is known to leave marks on the body for a while after treatment.

Light Therapy

Light therapy involves being exposed to light in order to treat a range of issues from skin problems and sleep disorders to depression. During light therapy, the patient will be exposed to daylight or synthetic lights for specific amounts of time and, sometimes, at a set time of day.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a method of treatment that makes use of stones and crystals, which practitioners believe contain healing powers. Stones are selected according to their colour and property and are placed on certain parts of the body according to chakra charts. Crystal healing is performed to ward off bad energy, and to soothe the flows of spirit and body.


The Ayuverdic approach to medicine is a holistic one that is based on a balance between the mind, body and spirit – anything that affects your spiritual, physical or emotional wellbeing can cause you to become out of balance. Ensuring that the body, mind and spirit are balanced prevents illness, according to Ayuverdic beliefs.

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is an alternative method that uses light and colour to balance energy. A colour therapist uses light and colour on areas of the body that are not functioning at 100 per cent – be it emotionally, spiritually, or mentally.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Healing Alternatives

  1. If it is hangovers you are talking about and work absenteeism then the best natural remedy is the SAfrican product called SobAlert and made in Paarl from the Cape Floristic Kingdom.It is funded by most medical aids incl Discovery

    1. I picked up a 40 tablet bottle of Sobalert from Teubes Winery on a recent trip and have been battling to find a stockist ever since!

      No hangover after my 50th, where we all went rather overboard so I absolutely swear by this product!

      It tastes like berries and really works!

      If you know of stockists please let me know!


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