Need Assistance with End of Year Teacher Gifts? Ask My PA!

The last gift any teacher needs is another mug or pencil holder, so if you want unique and interesting teacher appreciation gifts to help say thanks to your favourite educator at the end of the school year, then Ask My PA to give you a hand!


How Will Ask My PA Help You?

The best part about Ask My PA is that you won’t have to lift a finger – they are pros in assisting busy moms to ensure that home life is sorted. So let them source the perfect Christmas gifts for the special teachers in your children’s lives. They will also provide you with some great suggestions including their handmade jewellery and cutlery – if you already know exactly what gift you want but are running short of time to do the shopping, then they will gladly do the shopping for you and even go as far as wrapping the gift and making the delivery.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

The service is fabulous for full-time moms, business executives or anyone who finds that they just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done.

  • They can help with grocery shopping and unpacking.
  • Meeting suppliers at your home (such as electricians, plumbers, etc).
  • Personal shopping (such as gifts, clothing etc), returns and exchanges.
  • Car service arrangements, and back to school purchases.
  • Booking of doctor’s appointments, salon or spa treatments and so much more!They’re so wonderful they’ll even help you plan and book your holiday or child’s party! What’s more they also offer maintenance services like repairing of all electrical equipment, monthly electrical maintenance checks, garden services and landscaping, as well as pool maintenance.For further information about Ask My PA:

    Visit their website

    And Facebook Page.


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