Nestlé pumping kids full of sugar

Nestlé pumping kids full of sugar

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Nestlé was once associated with all that is nutritious and healthy. The brand values might have been described as high-quality, utterly dependable, inherently good-for-you products. No longer in my opinion.

Apart from their corporate dramas about things like Melamine in baby formula,palm oil for KitKat being sourced from the decimated former jungle land of Indonesia, which attracted the attention of Greenpeace, they’ve produced in my opinion, utter junk food in the form of their Nestlé Milo Cereal.

Look at this ‘nutritional’ information taken off the pack.

Being the co-rearer of a little man with ADHD, I’m deeply conscious that this sugar content could send a rocket to the moon. How does a supposedly responsible, self-proclaimed ‘ethical’ company like Nestlé opportunistically leverage a line extension out of Milo in the pursuit of profit, without giving a damn about the negative health effects on the minds and bodies of children? They even promote this garbage in schools. That’s how Siphe came home and asked about it. There was someone from Nestlé promoting the Milo drink at his school.

The front of the cereal pack is very misleading. It punts ‘wholegrain’ in large letters. The pic of people playing soccer implies health and fitness – not obesity or hyperactive sugar-rush induced behaviour. It contains 34.1 grams of sugar per 100 grams of product. That’s more than one third of the product which is pure sugar. Take an even closer, more critical look at the ‘nutrition’ list and you’ll see it has less than 5 grams of fibre per 100 grams of product. Not a good ambassador for a ‘wholegrain’ cereal. This ‘food’ should be classed as toxic to children and taken off supermarket shelves.

I shall be taking up the (in my opinion) misrepresentation of this ‘nutritious’ cereal with the advertising standards authority as a matter of principle.

Nestlé seems to have lost its way. It now appears to be profits before people or ethics. Very sad.

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