The All New Clico Boutique Hotel Summer Menu

The Clico Hotel has a new menu and we want to tell you all about it.

According to Chef Marnus Scholly, Head Chef at Rosebank’s top-rated boutique hotel and restaurant, Clico, the flavours for Summer 2018 are fresh and bold. In line with this trend, Scholly has created a refined culinary journey for his guests using only seasonal ingredients.

“Our new summer menu redefines our food style at Clico. The seasonal trends push us to look at the available produce and how we can prepare it differently. Flavour is always our number one priority and has been brought out in simple dishes with an underlying complexity,” says Scholly.

Dishes on the summer menu include a range of starters like the chilled cucumber soup with salmon, a tender pork belly and a delicately prepared quail drizzled in a port sauce. Mains include a sweet potato cannelloni (a favourite for veggies and carnivores), Harissa beef fillet and Kabeljou amongst others. Scholly’s desserts are right on trend and his lavender and blueberry dish uses strong flower herbs to bring out clever and subtle flavours.

“One of my favourite dishes is the quail,” adds Scholly. “It’s a true representation of what’s seasonal and is our interpretation of a quail in the forest. Deep, earthy flavours and simply presented.”

Presentation is key at Clico and Scholly uses both colour and the lack of colour to create moody, beautiful looking food that delivers a taste sensation.

Opened in 2015, Clico Restaurant provides refined food and wine for diners with impeccable taste. Chef Scholly keeps his fingers on the pulse of the international food scene and will be exploring some trends on his menus in 2018 that involve fermentation and alternatives to dairy. He finds inspiration for his seasonal menus at Clico by going back to classical dishes and then reinventing them into modern works of art.

So, whether you like savouring one or two dishes on a night out, or if you prefer a full degustation experience, Clico Restaurant offers both an A La Carte menu option, as well as a six course, wine-paired tasting menu.

To book your table this summer, visit to book online or call them on 0112523300.

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