New ‘Live-Fire’ Restaurant to Open In May!

If you are a fan of David Higgs‘ work at The Saxon’s Five Hundred restaurant, then you are definitely going to be happy to hear that he will be opening his very own restaurant in Rosebank this May!

Marble opened its doors in Joburg in May 2016. The restaurant will be located in Rosebank and will boast a grand wood-fire grill that will be imported from Washington to set the focal point of the restaurant.

Another exciting element is the rooftop bar which will provide guests with a stunning space to take in the Johannesburg views, socialise with friends, and of course, enjoy a glass of local wine to end off a long day. The restaurant also feature a walk-in butchery, which gives visitors the chance to take home the same prime cuts of meat that they ordered off of the restaurant menu.

Marble’s concept is to celebrate and enjoy South Africa’s love for cooking over an open fire, which makes our food culture rather unique when compared to other countries. The restaurant will provide a space to celebrate our heritage, and not only meat, but a variety of other foods that can be prepared on the coals, including fish, bread, vegetables and poultry.

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