Nike Launches Across SA

Nike Launches Across SA

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Nike blazes ahead of the rest with an improvement on their amazing Air Max technology. The Air Max 1 is Nike’s latest addition to their already unchanllenged catalogue. If you remember, or more importantly liked the old Air Max’, you will want to get to your nearest sports store immediatly and beat the trend.

The new Nike Air Max 1 (AM1) is bringing Flywire technology to your streets revolutionising the brand to combine edge and trend. This revolutionary technology has light weight and high-strength threads that work like cables on a suspension bridge providing added support.

The iconic Nike air bags made in Phylon, provide a spongy resistance and allow the AM1 to be 30 percent lighter, creating a brand new sport and lifestyle experience.

The new Nike AM1 is also designed for comfort incorporating lighter screen prints instead of bulky material overlays. Forget rubber on this brand, it is only apparent on the shoe where stability is needed creating a visibly perfect sneaker for a comfortable and robust lifestyle on the road or playing field.

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