NJOY – The “smoke anywhere and anytime” cigarette

NJOY – The “smoke anywhere and anytime” cigarette

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What is it?
Electronic cigarettes are a smoking alternative designed to offer the smoker the enjoyment normally derived from smoking, while eliminating the unpleasant effects – including health problems, social antipathy and excessive expenses.

The electronic cigarette looks like a normal cigarette in shape and size, but contains a battery and LED instead of cured tobacco; and a cartridge containing nicotine dissolved in the same type of liquid that is vaporised in nightclub smoke machines – in the filter. The cartridges are available in different nicotine strengths. These cigarettes don’t burn down, but deliver a puff whenever the smoker wants one.

How does it work?
The non-flammable electronic cigarette is driven by modern micro-electronic technology, a small rechargeable battery and a unique replaceable cartridge and membrane containing water, nicotine, and a scent that emulates tobacco and other flavourings. When using an electronic cigarette, the act of inhaling produces the tactile and craving satisfactions that smokers seek, while triggering a vaporising process that releases simulated smoke, which gives the smoker a kick at the back of the throat, just like a cigarette.

Benefits of using NJOY
NJOY e-cigarettes offer smokers:
o Smoking pleasure
o The tactile, emotional and physical sensations associated with smoking
o No first or second hand smoke
o No unpleasant odours
o Freedom to smoke anywhere, anytime, and any place
o No known carcinogens – no 4000 chemicals, no tar, no carbon monoxide
o Social acceptability
o Lower cost – it is cheaper than smoking
o Tobacco-like taste and other flavours
o Non-flammability
o Ease of use and convenience

The electronic cigarette was listed on the US hit TV show, The Doctors, as one of the top 10 trends of 2009. According to The Doctors, “The electronic cigarette is a device that gives the impression of smoking, while not emitting the thousands of chemicals that can cause health problems like cancer. The only chemical you consume in using the electronic cigarette is nicotine, and water vapour replaces the harmful smoke that emanates from cigarettes.”

What happens to the smoke?
NJOY does not emit smoke, but a virtually odourless mist that evaporates into the air within seconds, similar to that of a humidifier. NJOY leaves no visual residue in the air or lingering smell on clothes, in a home or car, or anywhere else.

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