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A year or so ago, or sixty, the village of Norwood was out in the country. The girls of St Mary’s School would walk along a path, over the open veld, to what was then the small church of St Luke’s in Orchards. Well, much has happened since then. The church has grown and developed, known nationally and internationally, the school has grown and developed, also known and respected nationally and internationally, the village has grown and developed, even if not known internationally, whilst the veld has disappeared. Having said that about the village, there used to be an eatery there whose sign boasted, “London, Paris and Norwood – mainly Norwood”!

Between the school and the church there once existed market gardens, where one could buy what now seem to be vast quantities of fruit and vegetables for ridiculous prices. Like the veld, the market gardens are also long gone. Instead there arose the huge Pick ‘n Pay hypermarket, now radically changed into the Norwood Mall. As Malls go it is quite small, especially when compared to the giants at Eastgate, Northgate and elsewhere. However, that is a part of its charm, because you can walk from one end to the other in a few minutes, but with much to distract you along the way – such as a new bookshop!

I like the lay out. Firstly, there is a great deal of space set aside for parking, both inside and around the buildings. The upper level parking is very convenient to the four banks – Absa. First National, Nedbank and Standard Bank. From there two lifts take you down to the street and outside parking level, and the shopping areas.

The Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket runs behind the other shops, so is not intrusive, whilst the large Dischem is at the one end. In between them is Lazer’s Jewellers with the ever friendly and helpful Vic. Flight Centre will handle your travel arrangements, Picardi Rebel will supply your liquor requirements, Cell C, MTN, Nashua Mobile, and Vodashop will help you with cellphones and what goes with them. There are a number of clothing stores, Woolworths, CNA, Mr Price Home, Reggies and, in a separate building with its own parking, Builders Express. [I found a great, sturdy toolbox there.] With an outside entrance, there is a Post Office, which is one of the more helpful that I have encountered.

The restaurants have a special atmosphere about them. My favourite is the Mugg and Bean in the main foyer. From there you can watch the passing throng as you enjoy your meal or cappuccino – it’s also a convenient place for them to see you too! Outside, looking over the carpark, I have enjoyed sitting under an umbrella at the Ocean Basket, whilst enjoying a delicious meal. Wimpy and Mimmo’s are close by.

There are two clean and well maintained restroom facilities, conveniently situated, wide passage ways and a sense of space and cleanness.

I like it, and go there fairly often for one thing or another. It’s definitely worth a try.

Watch the faces of the people passing by – they tell you about yourself.

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