Not keen to leave the house? Would free tickets help?

Not keen to leave the house? Would free tickets help?

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Whenever Joburg has cold spells it becomes too easy for people to stay indoors. To coax you away from your TV set and soapies, the Joburg team has managed to secure tickets for two awesome events that will be taking place over the next 10 days.

And if that doesn’t convince you to leave the house take a peek at Jen’s column below and see what she has to say about Reality TV.

Submerged Sunday with Goldfish
Goldfish, special guests Flash Republic, Good Luck and DJ Dean Fuel will rock the Johannesburg Botanic gardens in May.

Join the dance duo from Cape Town for an afternoon of unbelievable Electronic Dance Music. Concert visitors can definitely look forward to an engaging mix of authentic and vibrant songs.

Date: Sunday, 2nd May 2010
Venue: Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg Botanic Gardens
Cost: R80 and at the gate R100. VIP Tickets (Golden Circle) are also available for R200

Entering is easy – email Shaun. and include all your contact details. One entry per person. Entries close on Friday, 30th April at 09:00. Good luck!
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Henry Rollins – Frequent Flyer Tour
Rock `n roll raconteur, Henry Rollins, machine guns his way through fresh tales of rock `n roll mayhem, current events dissected live and postcards from his never-ending walk all over the planet. This former punk-frontman, actor and author of many memoirs will make you laugh till you cry, cry till you laugh and think till it hurts.

Henry has performed an average of 100 shows a year for 25 years and has no plans to slow down. Top comic John Vlismas says, “Rollins’ delivers belly laughs via wild imagery and his worldview is so tuned that he keeps Google informed!”

Date: Thursday, 6th May 2010
Venue: State Theatre, Pretoria
Cost: R287.50 (including all charges)

We are fortunate enough to have 2 sets of double tickets for the show. To be entered into the lucky draw email Shaun. Entries close on Wednesday, 5th May 2010. One entry person (Shaun hates being spammed).
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Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

Another season of Survivor has come to an end and even though Gigi was declared the winner, it is us, the TV viewing public of South Africa, who are the true survivors. They were on an island for a maximum of 29 days whereas we had to endure the show for two months.

If I wanted to watch sweaty people connive and backstab I would tune into Parliament Live. Despite my loathing of the show I was quite intrigued at how a former exotic dancer made it all the way to the top spot.

And as the owner of a gentleman’s club (though from what I hear there is nothing gentlemanly that happens in those sort of places) Gigi has already used fame from Survivor in the branding of her establishment. How long will she be able to leverage off her current fame?

Most reality TV “stars” tend to lose fame quicker than David Hasselhof loses consciousness in a binge-drinking weekend. What irks me is that there are people who were in Big Brother who still try and claim to be famous. Between the guy who mistook the garden for a bathroom and that common chap who attempted a career in politics (when he should have been attempting to learn how to read) I am surprised that they are both still billed as “television stars”. I forgot them quicker than I forgot the moves to The Macarena.

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”. Reality TV “stars” obviously can’t tell time and refuse to recognise the fact that nobody cares about them any more.

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