Oki Doki – Review

Oki Doki – Review

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I have heard quite a few moms talking about Oki-doki in Linden – and the reviews have all been good. Now that I am officially a MWP (Mother Who Playdates), I am always on the lookout for new places to meet friends for tea where our kids can run around and have an absolute blast while we chat with very few interruptions!

The venue
Oki- doki is a play and party venue where children can play in a secure child-friendly environment that both stimulates and allows their imaginations to run wild. The layout of the venue is incredibly unique as it comprises a variety of small buildings that make up the Oki-doki Town. There is a grocery shop where kids can fill up their baskets with daily groceries, a “theatre” where they can dress up and perform on stage like stars, a “cottage” in which to play mommies and daddies and care for their baby dolls, a “police station” with its own jail, and a little red “school house” where they can pretend to be a teacher! It is such a novel idea and so beautifully executed – and kids can visit often without ever getting bored or feeling on top of one another.

More active children can take full advantage of the climbing apparatus, wooden jungle and soccer nets. There are also other adventures to be had in the airplane, racing car, long train and motorcycle with side car. Once again, the focus is not just on providing an area in which children can play – but more on stimulating their creativity and sense of adventure. I honestly wish we had venues like this when I was a child!

The coffee shop

You know I get grumpy when child-friendly venues offer weak cups of tea and soggy muffins. If I am paying for my child to be entertained, then I expect to be spoilt rotten with a wide selection of drinks and snacks. After all, it’s my time too!

The coffee shop at Oki-doki has a very respectable menu (with absolutely DIVINE pancakes). They serve breakfast from 9 to 11am and light meals and a variety of beverages the rest of the day. You can expect to find toasted sandwiches, quiches, hotdogs and a wide variety of sweet and savoury pancakes, as well as milkshakes, Chillas, a variety of coffees, and my absolute favourite Chai Tea.

Oki-doki also caters for special events like baby showers, kitchen teas and children’s birthday parties – visit their website for more information.

~Reviewed by Shelli NT

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