A One-On-One With OMAM

With the much-anticipated Sowing The Seeds around the corner, we caught up with Of Monsters And Men’s lead Guitarist, Brynjar Leifsson, and he gave us insight on the indie folk-pop band from Reykjavík, and their expected performance at Sowing The Seeds 2016.

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How did the name Of Monsters And Men come about? What were some of your other options?

We had just signed up for a music competition in Iceland and needed a name. There where a few options like Hachico, but once Raggi mentioned Of Monsters and Men, we really liked it and it stuck.

What are you expecting from Sowing The Seeds SA compared to some of the other big music festivals around the world that you’ve performed at, like Coachella?

We are just really excited to come to play in Johannesburg. Festivals are always fun and challenging.

Do you prefer performing at big gigs or more intimate concerts?

The intimate gigs are really nice and tend to be like a party. But the big gigs are also so much fun because with a big audience there is so much energy that you feed off of.

Your last record was such a smash hit. How did that influence the writing and recording of your current album Beneath The Skin?

Everything that happened after My Head Is An Animal came out, gave us an opportunity to work only on music and make that our focus. Before that we had either been in school or had other jobs on the side. So My Head Is An Animal gave us that.

Your music videos are very unique and creative. What influences the artwork they reflect?

We just listen to the songs that we want to make a video for and come up with ideas and a vision of what it is we would want to see in a video. Then we find directors who help us bring that idea and vision to reality. Sometimes the directors bring ideas that we really like and we go with them.

What would you say your favourite city is and why?

That is a very difficult question because there are so many great cities I’ve visited. However, I am going to say Tokyo because it’s the polar opposite of everything at home.


What are your expectations of Joburg and why?

Not sure what to expect when we get there, but I am really excited to visit and it’s the first time. I think we have to become super tourists and try to see everything in the short time we have there!

In what ways has the band grown since you won Músíktilraunir?

We have played a lot of shows so we are better players. All the touring has also made us grow closer as friends and as a band.

With all the touring overseas, you must be exhausted. What are your favourite things to do in your downtime?

We mostly try and catch up with friends and family, and rest. Some of us try to get rid of the tour belly by going to the gym.

Are there any upcoming bands you’ve spotted that we should keep an ear out for?

Highasakite, Amason and Mammút have been touring with us the last year or so. You should definitely check them all out.

Don’t miss their performance alongside Jungle, Matthew Mole, BCUC, and December Streets at Sowing The Seeds.

Are you looking forward to OMAM’s performance at this year’s Sowing The Seeds?

By Neo Sesinye

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