OppiKoppi Sexy.Crooked.Teeth Festival

OppiKoppi Sexy.Crooked.Teeth Festival

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It’s 3 days of sunshine, friends, partying, music and madness as the Oppikoppi music festival takes place on a farm in Limpopo.

The theme for the 2010 festival, now in it’s 16th year, was inspired by a Lucinda Williams / Willie Nelson song -“Overtime” and just about sums up OppiKoppi in three words. Once again, Oppikoppi will be full of collaborations, killer tunes, more and more art and just a few completely unexpected, but expected jabs of straight forward hedonism. i.e. just what the doctor ordered!

The line up includes: Albert Frost & Vusi Mahlasela, Architecture of Aggression, Billy Talent (Canada), BLK JKS, Boom Monk Ben (Solid Steel / Mixed Bizniz) (UK), C-mon & Kypski (NL), Die Heuwels Fantasties, DiGiTAL ROCKiT, Gang of Instrumentals, Gemma Ray (UK), Haezer, Jack Parow, Lucky Fonz III (NL), New Holland, Pestroy, PHDJ (Aus), Philadelphia Grand Jury (Aus), Prime Circle, RhütZ, Straatligkinders, Taxi Violence, The Narrow, Thieve, Valiant Swart Tribute, Yesterday’s Pupil, Zebra & Giraffe and many more.

The legendary “Mystic Boer”, Valiant Swart, was one of the first artists to perform at OppiKoppi many rock and roll miles ago. OppiKoppi is Valiant`s 20 years in the industry. Various artists will perform his songs late on Sunday afternoon. Collaborating artists include Jack Parow, Piet Botha, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Hot Water, Les Javan, Tamara Dey, Tidal Waves, Albert Frost & Vusi Mahlasela.

Date: Friday 6th to Sunday, 8th August
Venue: Oppikoppi Farm, Northam, Limpopo
Cost: R450 (including all service fees).

Tickets are available at www.ticketbreak.co.za

Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

Celebs gone wild
It looks like there is a police plot to lock up celebrities at the moment. Lindsay Lo-life is in the slammer for breaking the conditions of her parole, Paris Hill-billy has been nabbed twice in a few weeks for smoking pot (at least now we know why she seems slow) and Wesley Snipes seems to have learned his accounting practices from J Arthur Brown.

I must admit, I was quite surprised to see the law coming down on Snipes and Lohan. More often than not indiscretions from celebrities seem to get swept under the carpet or spin-doctored so that it looks like the celeb is actually a victim of circumstances. Given that the law is notoriously soft on famous people, how badly do celebs have to mess up to be given a prison sentence?

I am pretty certain that a famous Hollywood actor or actress would have to drive down the wrong side of the highway at 200km/ph while heavily intoxicated on a cocktail of booze and drugs that would scare even Ozzy Osbourne while wearing nothing but a pair of bunny slippers and a pink thong and all they would get is a warning.

If nothing else their stories are amusing. After actor Rip Torn was arrested for breaking into a bank he told the jury he was drunk and thought he was trying to climb through a window into his house. He arrived at the court house dressed like a lumberjack. Who dresses like a lumberjack? Other than Martina Navratilova of course.

Celebrities also have awesome mugshots when they get arrested. We are so used to seeing them all dolled up for red carpet events it’s nice to see them looking a little less glamorous. The images alongside are a few of my favourite ones.

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