Oriental Plaza: Restaurants

Running around the plaza, trying to find the perfect fabric or shoes for that special occasion, can leave you tired. So why not take a breather, refresh and check out these amazing restaurants located within Oriental Plaza.

Oriental Plaza

World Of Samoosas

As their name suggests, World Of Samoosas have every samoosa under the sun! And if you’re looking for Indian food with an exotic dash of aromatic flavour, their menu boasts a variety of curries including, mutton, lamb, fish, prawns and everything spicy and filling… perfect for lunch or dinner.

Samoosa Den

For savoury, fresh samosas that will leave your taste buds tantalised, this food outlet is a must try. The Samoosa Den has a variety of pastry treats including beef and mince, cheese and corn, mixed vegetables, potatoes and so much more for the whole family to enjoy.

Harry’s Cafe

For a quick lunch, be sure to visit Harry’s Café. This is a small Indian takeaway that sells everything from homemade samosas, pies to even homemade curries. So if you are in for a hot, chilli culinary experience, treat yourself to one of their dishes.

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Tasty Candy Floss

Give yourself a sugar rush and treat your sweet tooth to some Tasty Candy Floss. This is a small sweet shop who sell delightful treats for all those who prefer something sweeter.

Ajmery Fish And Chips

If you would like something different from a hot and spicy curry, try out Ajmery Fish And Chips. All for R80 and less, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and supper. This restaurant sells strictly Halaal food, with a menu offering everything from sandwiches, burgers, chips, fish and chicken combo meals.

Delhi Delicious

This food outlet is known as the home of traditional pastry. So why not nibble on some homemade pies, samosas and oriental snacks that will have you craving for more.

Akhalwaya Masala Centre

For some spicy Indian food, Akhalwaya Masala Centre has just the meal for you. Visit them and have any Indian cuisine of your choice and so much more. They’ve got absolutely tantalizing meals.

Bombay Chow

At Bombay Chow, you get to feast and enjoy meals such the famous bunny chow and so much more. Whether it is a chicken, lamb or veg curry dish you crave, Bombay Chow has just the meal for you.

Golden Peacock

Savour the finest taste of traditional Indian cuisine at the Golden Peacock. If you are looking for something to tantalise your tastebuds, try out their famous mutton roti wrap, lamb curry and bunny chow.

Heavenly Melts

Treat your sweet tooth to Heavenly Melts. As the name says, you can get all sorts of sweet treats from ice cream including Areo chocolate, smarties, flakes, hazelnut peanuts and so much more. These munchies will get the little ones excited too.

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