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Investment on the stock market is highly profitable

The following Blue Chip shares achieved 50% PLUS return over the last 3 years: Anglo Platinum, Aspen Pharmaceutical, Edgars, Harmony Gold, Impala Platinum, Investec, Mittal STEEL, MTN, Naspers, Netcare Holdings, PPC, Steinhoff, Sasol.

Basil Read Construction grew by 1775% over the last 18 months. A R50 000 investment in May 2005 would now be R1 million.

A R10 000 investment at 46% per annum grows to R1 million in 12 years.

Investing on the stock market unpacked – learn how to master the skill

Your journey to excellent profits needn’t take a lifetime. If you are willing to invest in growing your knowledge, OST / Xenium will equip you with the tools to:

– understand the dynamics of the stock market

– understand the relationship between economic trends and the movement on the stock market

– help you find and interpret useful information on companies, general trends, and the stock market

– help you to choose the best shares

– learn when to buy and sell shares

“Taking the Mystery out of Investing on the Stock Market”


Tuesday, 7th of August 2007


18h30 – 19h30

About the Courses

Xenium-OST offers the following practical programmes, compiled by experts in investments as well as experienced training professionals, targeted at various investment profiles:

– The Stock Market for Private Investors:

* A complete toolkit containing a course on basic principles of investing in the stock market (technical and fundamental analysis), trading and fundamental software package, weekly info meetings, seminars with experts and updates, a blueprint to SA stocks as well as daily JSE updates.

– STERCO for Investment Professionals:

* The Stockbroker Employment Readiness Course, Accredited with FASSET is aligned to industry standards and requirements. It covers all the theoretical and practical aspects for those who are actively pursuing a career in stock broking.

For more information about FREE SEMINAR click on the contact details alongside. Venue details to follow on confirmation of booking.

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