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Women Unleashed

This is a new concept managed by women and aimed at women from all walks of life. Women who desire (but have never dared) to participate in adventure – mistakenly believed to be a testosterone-driven realm where some men think women do not belong, except as cheer leaders, followers and child-minders etc so the boys can have fun.

Well…we know better. We dare you to unleash yourselves from mundane daily routines and embrace the freedom to discover your true potential in extreme activities such as river rafting, abseiling, rock climbing, hiking-in a safe non-judgmental environment under the guidance of experienced professionals at an exclusive venue on the banks of the Crocodile River no more than 45 minutes from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

This is your opportunity to have fun and mix with women who relate to you as a human being – regardless of your age, shape or size, creed or colour.

Every adventure we provide is achievable regardless of experience and we will gently encourage you every step of the way to reach your goals without the inhibiting scrutiny of men.
All activities produce an endorphin high. Every goal achieved will leave you feeling liberated, comfortable – even sexy – in the knowledge that your mind and your body is capable of much more than you ever expected.
Leave your men and children at home.
Let them take responsibility at least one day a month for what is traditionally your realm as housewives and all that implies.

For once you need bring only yourselves to the great outdoors. We will organise everything you need so that your sole responsibility is to enjoy yourself and focus purely on the moment.

Bacherlorette Parties:
Bacherlorette Parties with a twist, Breaking away from traditional moulds.
We encourage you to drop the traditional Kitchen Tea to celebrate you big day as they sometimes can be degrading for the bride to be.
Do you honestly want to wear a nappy and drink oros and lunch bar from a potty? Then why not organise a group of girlfriends and let us put together a tailor-made bacherlorette party that will enable you to enjoy a day of hard-core fun in an exclusive and beautiful environment.

Combined parties:
We have noticed the increasing trend among bachelors is to have a day of adventure – such as river rafting – and wrap it up with a big thrash. we want to avoid the typical celebrations where the groom is forced to wear a ball and chain, force-fed vast quantities of alcohol, and taunted by his “friends” as a stripper rips his clothes off before being chained to a lamppost on a busy road.

Is all this fear, torture and debauchery supposed to symbolise the essence of marriage?
We think not.

In fact, we think it should be a joint celebration where the bride and groom invite all their friends and celebrate their marriage to be in unity – surely this more appropriately symbolises the true meaning of marriage?

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