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Do you really want to hit 80 years of age and wish you had played paintball when you were younger?

Paintball is an exciting game that offers you a chance to get even with the boss / boyfriend or irritating co-worker. In serious-ness though, it is open to a wide age group and you needn’t be super fit to play; stealth and planning are also a feature.

We take a minimum of 10 people in a group and you will receive 100 paintballs, full face mask, overall. Your session will last about 2 hours, which are about 3 games with breaks in between.

Bushwhacker Paintball welcomes everyone from social groups to our corporate clients.
Whether you are looking for an activity for a youth group, family function or a corporate outing paintball can be add to the fun.

Anyone from 10-60 years can play!

Paintball is a great idea for birthday parties, office parties, school functions and corporate functions.

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