Pampering Your Skin

Pampering Your Skin

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Although I have been told time and time again that it is imperative that I take off ALL my make-up before I go to sleep, I must admit that this rarely happens. Although I lead the most fantastic life – I still barely manage to cram in work, freelance writing, motherhood, being a wife, finding time for friends and getting my nails done. Throw in a nightly beauty routine and it just sends me over the deep end. If I am at home, I will gladly cleanse, tone, exfoliate, apply serum, apply eye cream, and apply night cream – but when it’s 1am and I have been on my feet since the crack of 9am, I just cannot be bothered.

Anyway, it is with great fascination that I learnt about baby wipes. Yes, these little wet wipes for babies are sensitive enough for newborn skin and so they are perfect for your face. In fact, the marketing director of a leading beauty house was the one that told me this little secret. She even keeps them in her bag and wipes her makeup off in the car on the way home. She DOES caution that it’s best to follow a proper beauty regime 80% of the time – but if it’s a choice of sleeping with your make-up on and wiping it off with a baby wipe – then Pampers are the way to go. So you too can smell like a baby’s bottom.

Day Tripping

LED Light Therapy has been used quite widely overseas in treating a variety of skin concerns and having seen it on TV recently, I jumped at the opportunity to test-drive a 30 minute treatment on a recent trip to Cape Town.

I must warn you that it is a very different experience and I was a little nervous for the first five minutes. After my standard facial, the Lumi 8 machine was moved until it was inches above my face, and protective goggles were placed over my eyes. The machine was then switched on, and I was told I could relax for the next thirty minutes.

But I couldn’t.

Because the light display behind my closed eyes was nothing short of spectacular. You see intense reds and greens and blues – imagine looking through a kaleidoscope for half an hour. I must admit to being slightly worried that I would be blinded for life – but after a quick peek revealed that I could still see the clock on the wall, I began to relax a lot more, if not fully.

Would I do it again? Yes – because I will be better prepared. But also because the results are noticeable immediately and your skin improves constantly over the next 30-or so days as the new skin below the surface that has been treated by the LED rises to the surface.

A quick bit of research on the Internet shows that LED Light Therapy can be used for:
• Minimizing lines and wrinkles

• Increasing collagen

• Improving the appearance of skin texture and structure

• Improving sun damage

• Decreasing pore size

• Promoting circulation

• Reducing age spots and pigmentation

• Accelerating

• Anti-ageing

I would certainly recommend it – but do go for a course of treatments if you can afford them. Remember that this is not a topical treatment but goes beneath the surface of the skin – which is where most of the skin damage has taken place. You WANT those cells to be revitalized so that when they rise to the surface, your skin will look noticeably different.

I had my treatment at the Equinox Spa
in Cape Town: R280 for a 30 minute treatment. Alternatively, contact Laserderm
in Gauteng for their Photodynamic LED Therapy

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