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Ever wanted to throw a party people will remember you for? Why not try a party bus hire? These party busses are kitted with fully stocked bars, some are semi roofless, but all of them make for an excellent day of excitement and rabblerousing!

Party busses come in all shapes and sizes, some are funky coloured and ideal for a booze cruise out in the country, while others are more bling, blacked out and resemble southing from a Puff Daddy music video (or P Diddy). There are many reasons to hire one of these beauties, from a rugby game pick up and drop off service to bachelor’s parties and birthdays, and let’s face it, anyone can think of a reason to party on a bus with friends. Below are a few services that you may want to consider when hiring a party bus.

Don’t be fooled by the name, Partyboat do hire busses, they get their name from the fact that they also hire boats on the Vaal (also a good idea if you want something more tranquil). Partyboat offer two different services to meet your needs. The first is a truck which is converted to the ultimate party experience, with top class trimmings, a bar and luxurious interior. This is the bus you want to hire if organising a corporate cruise or if your budget allows. They call this service the ‘Horse and Trailer’ and this option will run you R7500 for an eight hour cruise within the JHB/Pretoria area.
The other option from Partyboat is a ‘Booze Cruiser’ they call the ‘Double Decker Party Bus’, this beast can hold 65 people per trip and is a basic, more rugged service particularly designed with one thing in mind – Party! The Double Decker will cost you R9500 for a six hour cruise; it costs more than the luxury cruise because it holds double the amount of people. Please note that the Double Decker doesn’t feature a fully stocked cash bar like the ‘Horse and Trailer’ does, you have to bring your own cooler boxes, but again this just helps make the trip come in under budget. You can call Partyboat on 08610 PARTY.

Limobus is a company specialising in smart transit, they make your average trip to the airport or club seem ‘Hollywood’. For your average person this may seem a little exuberant but they also offer party bus services which are both stylish and affordable when you take into consideration that the bill can be split by interested parties. The bus features big screen LCD TV, comfortable limo style seating and neon lighting ‘a la Vegas’, there’s even a strip pole (or it could just be a place to hold on to), either way the Limobus takes the bachelor’s cake! You can contact Limobus on 0861 77 11 77 to make a booking or for any further info.

Ball and All Party Bus
The Ball and All bus is another truck in busses clothing, it has a fully stocked bar and a ‘keg’ type feel to the interior. This is the kind of bus which is perfect for those rugby games where no one can possibly drive. The bus will cost you R6850 for a nine hour trip or 300km’s which ever comes first which makes it a definite value for money.

Whichever bus you choose it can only be fun, so get cracking on finding an excuse to book one of these and you could be the lucky punter parting on bus this holiday.

For further information please contact the relevant company on the details provided

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