Peak Teams

Peak Teams

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A teambuild facilitated by Alex Harris and Sean Disney who have both summitted Mount Everest. They will be your guides for the duration of this awesome 4-hour teambuilding programme for your company, sales teams and management. Designed in Australia and currently running in the USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, their client base includes FNB, Standard Bank, African Bank, Pfizer, Flight Centre, and Rennies Travel.

Welcome to Virtual Reality: the Peak Teams Experience

The unique patent-pending system takes you on a thrilling virtual journey to one of the world’s extreme mountain ranges. In this fun-filled and challenging environment, participants work together to climb a mountain, survive, realise their goals and achieve the best possible outcome. This is virtual reality teambuilding and has follow up programmes as well.

Peak Teams identifies best practice behaviours, skills and objectives and presents management with a baseline on which to build optimal performance.

Why is Peak Teams so effective?

Peak Teams accelerates learning outcomes by combining experiences that engage the key learning senses of sight, sound and touch. This allows participants to operate on an equal basis and therefore optimise the learning experience at both the individual and team level.

Peak Teams uses a unique DVD structure and surround sound system in a conference environment!

Contact Sean for more information (contact link alongside).

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