People of Joburg: Meet Jeffry Xingwane

The city of Joburg echoes untold truths of those who reside within it. And I nominate myself to tell these stories to those who take time to listen. 

As I stand across Jeffry Xingwane, he has an inviting demeanour as his love for carpets is depicted by being surrounded by his own carpets. Enjoy the read and try to find motivation along the way, because such stories touch the softest spots in the heart and are meant to change our perspectives on how we look at vendors and support their hustle. Before you pass by these people, just take a moment to listen to their stories.

Who is Jeffry Xingwane?

After matriculating Jeffry decided to pack a small backpack and headed to the city of gold, to what promises to have more opportunities. Being faced with the harsh realities of struggling to find a decent job Jeffry says “honestly speaking starting from nothing and building my small business ground-up was the only option I had. Having to sit down and look at the limited job opportunities in our country forced me to build what you see in front of you now”. He further explains, “when I arrived in Joburg, I started seeking for a job, luckily I was employed by another carpet company, which is how the love for carpets developed”. Specialising in making carpets, wall-wall carpets and selling them he has been able to leave customers happy at all times.

Growing up, what was the dream?

“Growing up, the dream has always been like any other child’s dreams. Dreams of becoming someone prominent. A doctor, or a lawyer maybe, but through the hardships I’ve endured through time and not having an opportunity to further my studies I decided to be an entrepreneur”, he says. He goes on to say, he has been in the business for 10 years now and currently own two stores under his name, both of them are called Jeff’s Carpets one is situated in Jeppestown and the other is at the Corner Eloff Street & President Street (CBD).

Why did you choose to start your business in Joburg?

Coming from Dundee in KwaZulu Natal Jeffry saw the need to test the waters in Joburg. ‘The City of Gold’ as many of us refer to it as. Joburg being the promise land to those who set foot in the hopes of building a life for themselves. And Jeff’s story is no different. “The city of Joburg is what we make of it, and I being Jeffry Xingwane decided to make it a place for opportunities for other people other than myself”. He then introduced me to his employee whose name is also Jeffry, a young lad who knocked on Xingwane’s door for a job opportunity and has been working for him ever since. “I call us Jeffry 1, and Jeffry 2”, he laughs as he explains to me.

On a good week, how much do you make? 

“We have our busy weeks and our very slow weeks, but on our good weeks we get to make ± R 2 000 in one week. Our busy weeks are between pay days, both stores are normally doing well around these times. And people hire my services to install carpets either at their office spaces or homes. However, our favourite season of the year is winter, because our business reaches its success around that time”. Jeffry emphasises.

What motivates you to wake up every morning and continue with your business?

“When you start something, you are always motivated to finish it, and that alone is motivation for me. I have a lot of people looking up to me, the people from my community are always telling me how much they look up to me. And I aim to keep it that way, I want to encourage people to always finish what they start no matter the circumstances. So, by not giving up although it is trying sometimes I am motivated to wake up and finish what I started”, Xingwane says.

What has the greatest challenge been?

Finances are a huge part of any company and Jeffry has highlighted it as one of the challenges he is constantly faced with. He then proceeds to say, “I struggle making enough money to buy new supplies sometimes, and the other issue is that the suppliers are expensive or simply do not have the materials I am looking for”. After opening his second shop he says that rent has been weighing a lot on him. The other business aspect he is trying to perfect is the marketing and sales part of his business. As he aims to grow his business even bigger and possibly be able to buy bigger machinery to make carpets.

Why did you decide to venture into making mats/carpets?

Xingwane says, “for me it was never about the money, but for the love I have for carpets and making them myself has been the highlight of my life”. The other reason he says he decided to venture into making carpets is the fact that carpets never go out of style, they are timeless which then allows his business to continue over the years.

If you are interested and want to support Jeff’s Carpets please contact him on these number (076 104 9974), he is more than willing to do business with you.

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