Perfect Synergy: Firebird’s Chris Kennedy, Hollard and SABC3

Perfect Synergy: Firebird’s Chris Kennedy, Hollard and SABC3

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When forward-thinking brands share the same vision, believe in the same value and message, and want to reach the same target market, it creates a perfect synergy.

This is certainly the case of the Phenomenal Women Initiative, a triad partnership between well-known life and business coach Chris Kennedy, Hollard’s Fenomenal Woman brand and media partner SABC3. The initiative aims to engage with – and enrich the lives of – women across South Africa through a series of 12 national one-day empowering workshops.

The Phenomenal Women Initiative is the personal vision of Chris Kennedy, creator and owner of Firebird, a company specialising in human capital development. The initiative launched in 2008, when SABC3 and Firebird partnered to host the workshops during Women’s Month.

“As more and more women find themselves with high-profile positions, they are faced with ever-changing demands and it’s getting harder to stay on top of everything,” says Kennedy. “The workshops provide a safe place for women to introspect, to discover a place within themselves from which they can develop and grow, building the tools to embrace their newfound status and personal power.”

Sanele Ntombela, Hollard’s Fenomenal Woman brand manager, attended the one-day workshop and got to experience its life-changing power first hand. Finding the tools she recognised as valuable to her own brand’s target audience steered her towards partnering with Firebird and SABC for the 2009 roll-out of the initiative. In April 2008, Hollard launched the Fenomenal Woman brand, targeted at females in the higher LSM categories, offering a comprehensive insurance package designed around a woman’s needs and roles. The package includes valuable lifestyle benefits, legal and health advice, as well as trauma support.

“It’s a natural fit for our brand,” says Ntombela. “Hollard’s approach has always been to form partnerships with like-minded companies and brands. The Phenomenal Women Initiative fits in with our strategy to identify events exposing women to the Fenomenal Woman brand. It’s also a great platform to empower women, their families and add to the potential that South Africa has as a nation to grow and become more successful.”

Broadcaster SABC3 has not only committed to supporting the initiative with media exposure, but plays a key role in engaging its audience. A 30” promotional spot on the channel, to be flighted from August, allows viewers to win a place at the workshops by a call-to-action via an SMS/website interface. The delegates will all be sponsored by Hollard in a bid to grow policy holders and create awareness around the benefits of the Fenomenal Woman brand.

“SABC3 is excited to once again be part of this initiative,” says Gesh Conco, Communications Manager, SABC3. “The interplay between the three brands allows us to create a meaningful partnership that powerfully addresses a target market shared by Firebird, Hollard and SABC3.”

To this end, SABC3 will also be giving extensive editorial support to the initiative. Inspiring moments from the Phenomenal Women workshops will be captured in 3’ cameo spots to be shown between popular SABC3 shows.

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