Personal Brand Creation

Personal Brand Creation

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Professional Image and Personal-Presentation Consultant, Tanya Suskind will take you from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Book for a one-on-consultation, group workshop or corporate training today and receive 15% off the standard rate.

We are constantly communicating through our visual image; so why not learn how to “say the right thing” without saying a single word!

The Whole Story

What they offer:
• Total Image Makeovers
• Colour Analysis and the Psychology of Colour
• Your unique Style, Style do’s and Don’ts
• Figure Analysis
• Personal Presentation, Body Language
• How to look 10 years younger – without plastic surgery
• Total Makeup and Skin Care
• Finishing School for Teens
• Corporate Image: You are the brand
• Vocal image
• Super Flirt!

Through these consultations and workshops you will gain greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of others. In turn you will become more confident, sassy and self-assured.
Feel great in a multitude of situations; a date, an interview, a new social circle.

It’s time to transform yourself and establish a magnetic kick-butt presence!

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