Personalise Your Office Desk

Tired of your boring ol’ office desk? Well, why don’t you take some timeout to personalise it and channel the creative juices back into your work flow? Here are our tips on how to get it done!


What’s Appropriate?

Understand your corporate culture, career, industry, etc – you don’t want to dress your office desk up like your living room or bedroom. Sure the point is to bring your personality to the office desk, however, there is a fine line between a personalised office desk and a inappropriate office desk. The key is to bring elements of your personality while still maintaining professionalism.

Fashionable Functionality

Think of the stationery and work documents you use often, make sure you have those closer to you than the rarely used items. Do a little clean up of what’s used often and what’ not. You can even take it as far as placing your stationery kit on the right-hand-side if you’re right-handed just to be specific. Play around with all the other essentials on your desk to make it as functional as possible.


Pick a colour and style you want to go for on your desk. Sure it may seem juvenile to have a colour-coordinated stationery kit and everything else on your desk follow that colour scheme, but if we can do it for our homes for the sake of Feng Shui, then we can most certainly do it for our office desks. Besides, why not invest in the décor of the desk where you spend most of your day seated at?

Picture Frames

Although many already do it, and it’s a bit of a cliche, why not place some picture frames with your favourite people on your office desk? You can even put a fun twist to it but putting up a picture of a loved one who inspires you to work harder, gives you that tough love to push yourself or someone you want to make proud, or simply someone who makes you smile the most – anything sentimental really.

Inspirational Quotes

Speaking of inspiration, inspirational quotes do wonders for daily motivation to get your work done. Depending on your desk set-up you could make fun quotes holders or paste them somewhere you’re guaranteed to see them whenever you need some motivation. You could even have the quotes in or on your notebook. Whatever you find most convenient and most helpful.

Colourful Calendar

A great add-on to your desk could be a colourful calendar to write your to do’s for the day, week and even month. Make use of your fun colour pens and pins on this, appeal to your inner child and make your workdays that much more interesting. Even if you’re not a fan of colour, those blacks, greys and whites you like can be used to aesthetically please your creative self evoking a positive ripple effect.

Add Some Green

Small pot plants/ succulents can do a lot for your inner peace when you have deadlines to meet and stress to relieve on a busy workday. Even on a good mellow work day, plants just make everything better. Add a plant or two on your desk, don’t forget to water it, and watch your overall mood improve from the good vibrations the plants release.

Mug Upgrade

Sure you could use the company mug but why blend in when you can stand out and let your personality shine through? Get your own mug more representative of you. You’re probably thinking, “it’s just a mug”, but is it really? If your personality screams strong and alpha, do you really want to drink your coffee out of a puny tea cup you have to keep refilling? Upgrade your mug!

By Cleopatra Shava

Have more ideas on how to personalise your office desk? Let us know below!

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