Philips EnergyCare Steam Iron

Philips EnergyCare Steam Iron

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I have to be honest – I would never have bought this iron if I had seen it sitting on the shelf. For no reason except for the fact that my housekeeper does all the ironing, and so I buy her an average low-priced iron. I mean, they’re all the same, right?

Erm, wrong. I know this for a fact, because I was invited to the Philips showroom to test some of their new products. One of which was the new Philips EnergyCare Steam Iron. And the PR team actually made us iron shirts, T-shirts, jeans – you name it! Instead of standing there rambling on about how fabulous the iron is, they set up ironing boards and made us try 12 irons that are currently on the market – from the cheap and nasties, to the pricier and fancies.

And here’s what I learned:

  1. The cheap irons are cheap for a reason – it took me forever to iron a shirt. And one iron kept “sticking” to the fabric.
  2. Steam irons are the way to go – it’s just much easier.
  3. Of the steam irons I tried, the Philips EnergyCare steam iron was the best. For no other reason that it works fast, it has a LOT of steam and so it does the job in a third of the time, and the shirt looked pretty fabulous.

So, I took one home, because if ANYONE knows irons, it’s my housekeeper – she goes through a lot of them. And here’s what she had to say: “Now THIS one is MUCH better. I’ve been telling you about the better irons but you don’t believe me. Now you can SEE!” And I can. Our ironing is done in an afternoon (as opposed to most of the day), and the iron is a lot lighter than our previous one, and the shape seems to work better for collars. Don’t ask me why – it just does.

But here’s the BEST part – it uses 20% less electricity – when you turn it on but don’t use it, it goes into “pause” mode, and when you pick it up and over to use it, it turns back on and begins generating steam. So, not only are you using less electricity because it is faster, but you also only use electricity while actually ironing, not while the iron is on. Smart huh?

If you want to win one of these fabulous pieces of equipment – send your name and contact details to Shaun with the name of the iron. But really – you should go buy one!

Westpack at Lifestyle Garden Centre

I am completely addicted to anything to do with storage – it must be a combination of my Type A personality and the fact that I am a Virgo! In fact, I would like nothing better than to have my own TV show where I go around tidying (not cleaning!) people’s houses and sorting out their storage issues. You can therefore understand my squeals of delight when I was at the Lifestyle Garden Centre in Randpark Ridge and discovered “storage heaven” in the form of Westpack!

You can buy ANYTHING here – plastic containers for the garage, tool kits, kitchen storage, containers for toys, plastic chairs, laundry bins etc. Then move on and find stationery – including loads of party invitations and craft items. There are bulk catering items, popcorn boxes and movie-style drinking cups, and beautiful (and cheap) wrapping paper and tissue paper (R15 a packet as opposed to R10 a sheet!)

Well worth a visit and a browse – your house will be super-organised in no time!

Inside Lifestyle Garden Centre
Cnr Beyers naude & Ysterhout Avenue
Randpark Ridge
(011) 791 1120/1

Santos in Parkhurst

This is a pricier option than Westpack, but their offering is completely different. Here, you are looking at storage items that you want to be on show!

Santos has load of wooden boxes in various shapes and forms – from CD boxes right up to large filing cabinets and toy draws. They also have plastic options (I love the see-through shoe boxes) and wicker baskets, as well as canvas and fabric-covered boxes. I love their storage items that are painted in blackboard paint so that you can label each drawer with chalk – such a stunning idea for a child’s room.

There are also various sized glass jars, hooks, ceramics and vintage-style homeware – it’s definitely a shop to pop into and get some ideas – especially in the lead up to the Festive Season when they stock an amazing array of décor items! I would also suggest having a look at their website – that way, you can get a feel for what it is that they offer, without having to get in the car. Have a look at the “accessories” section for some awesome (and inexpensive) gift ideas – if you buy a few each month, you will be all set (and not in debt) by Christmas!

Happy browsing!

Cnr 4th Ave and 7th Street
(011) 880 8259

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