Pixels for charity

Pixels for charity

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The idea is simple: to try and raise R1m for worthy charities by selling 1 000 000 pixels for R1 each. (That’s 1 MILLION and Yes, we are trying to raise a million Rand). Anyone is welcome to buy pixels, which are available in 100-pixel ‘blocks’ (each measuring 10×10 pixels). The homepage is divided into 10,000 of these 100-pixel blocks (hence there are 1,000,000 pixels in total). The reason for selling them in 100-pixel blocks is because anything smaller would be too small to display anything meaningful. You can buy as many pixels as you like, as long as there are some available. When you buy pixels, you can then display an image/ad/logo of your choice in the space that you have purchased. You can also have the image click through to your own website. No obscene or offensive images are allowed. Be as creative as you can – this is supposed to be FUN! The pixels you buy will be displayed on the homepage for a period of one year, commencing on the date the site goes live. The homepage will not change during this time. You are buying a little bit of SA Internet history. And it’s for a really good cause.

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