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Plug in Pest Free

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Having unwanted guests such rodents and roaches in ones home can be embarrassing, disturbing and dangerous to say the least. Conventional methods of pest control have not only become costly ongoing expenses but also pose a high risk of side effects.

Excessive use can lead to allergic reactions, breathing disorders in young children and are a huge threat to pregnant moms, not to mention our beloved domestic pets.
For these reasons the plug in Pest Free has become the system of choice throughout the world. The system offers you a maintenance free, eco friendly solution to address a problem you never asked for.

Global-Solutions are the sole distributors of the Pest Free system throughout Africa, and know that between seeing to the kids and work, there is just not enough time in a day to worry about pest control problems as well.

Your solution – order a plug in Pest Free unit either online or by calling the national help line for personal, discreet and professional assistance.

You system will be delivered discreetly to the address of your choice, thereafter all you need to do is simply plug it in and start enjoying the benefits of a pest free home, knowing you are contributing to a healthier environment.

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