Porra 2-The Returnish!

Porra 2-The Returnish!

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Studio Theatre, Montecasino
Friday, 3rd of October – Sunday, 26th of October

A comedic masterpiecesh taken to new heightsh – harier, funnier, greasier than before – you’ll know you’re a porra the second you step through those doors – or you’ll seriously wish you were! Sonia Esguiera and Johnny Barbuzanno bring you the hair-raising comedy that’ll make you wish you were a Porra! Bring your soccer shirts, flick your mullets, embrace your hairy legs, come drink a cerveja and sing the fado – and don’t forget to wear your gold…

“Porra 2” takes us on a journey into what it means to be Portuguese and living in South Africa. Talking directly to the audience Esgueira transforms herself into the different members of one Portuguese family, the Ferreiras, revealing the pride and struggle of being part of a Portuguese home and family. With bold honesty Esgueira shares with us the conflict between shame and conceit of being a “porra”. The delightful granny is back in her world of coffee cups, clothes and Portuguese paraphernalia, and more mischievous than ever…

As she goes about weaving the tale together she creates the locations and sets the atmosphere, introducing and commenting on each member of her beloved family. This time in full view of the audience, and to spellbinding effect, Esguiera transforms herself into the different family members and transports the audience into a magical world of music and dancing, recipes and tears, cooking and laughter, vineyards and fathers, grandparents, and ancient ways of being. “Porra 2” celebrates a community that holds their culture close to their heart despite being called greasy, smelly, dark and hairy. The play is a testimony to a beautiful and poignant people that will have you laughing and crying. If you’re from a closeknit family, or a minority culture, this gem of a theatre piece, will resonate deep within you.

After a sell-out season across the country for over 2 years the award winning actress Sonia Esgueira is back at Montecasino in October with her hit show that has gained cult status around the country. Re-directed by Johnny Barbuzanno, the show is unbelievably funnier and slicker than before. You’ll be “PERI-CROSS” if you miss it!

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