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Potted Knowledge is filled with easy to understand facts and figures on subjects as diverse as science, art, conspiracy theories, philosophy, physics and mythology (to mention but a few). Discover the differences between Socrates and Plato; Jung and Freud; capitalism, socialism and communism; even Merlot and Cabernet (not to mention everything in-between!)

So, if you have an enquiring mind, love always having something to say at dinner parties and enjoy getting something for next-to-nothing, Potted Knowledge is just the thing for you.

Remember the monthly subscription is less than a burger and fries (for a weekly dose of ego-boosting insight). So feed your mind, not your waistline… with virtually no effort!

To put their “money where their mouth is”, the first three issues of Potted Knowledge will cost you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

To sign up for the first three issues, log onto the Potted Knowledge website (link alongside).

3-month subscription: R75

6-month subscription: R135

12-month subscription: R240

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