Prepping The Kiddos For The Joburg Winter

Mothers all dread hearing their child cough in the middle of the night, or the sniffing in between sentences. When your child is sick, your first thought is to whisk them off to the doctor, but there are other ways of dealing with a sick child before going to the doctor is needed. Here are a couple of cool ways to prep the young ones for the winter.

Winter in the City Of Gold may be the sunniest time of year but that does not keep the common cold and nasty strains of flu at bay. Regular cold fronts pass over in winter bringing very cold southerly winds but usually clear skies to the Highveld. Taking cold winds into consideration can be combated with scarves, beanies, and wind breakers. But that’s not enough and we often have to deal with winter ailments head-on.

“As mothers, our first reaction is to protect our child, and we try to find the fastest solution. However running straight to the doctor is not always necessary,” suggests Carla Yssel, “and sometimes the best options are already in your medicine cabinets at home.”

A tip that Yssel says that she was given when she became a mom, was to always have a well-stocked medicine cabinet.  Unfortunately our children hardly ever get ill at convenient times and having medicines on hand to deal with ailments as they strike can make a real difference in managing your child’s illness and their recovery time.  This is even more essential during colds and flu season. “There are a few basics that every mother should have in her medicine cabinet to try and help manage and shorten the duration of colds and flu,” says Yssel.

Yssel suggests the following:

  • a cough syrup to help deal with a nagging cough,
  • pain management to aid with any body aches associated with colds and flu,
  • throat lozenges or a throat spray to soothe a sore throat,
  • a nasal spray to help your little one breathe a little easier, and
  • an effervescent that focusses on helping to get over colds and flu

Having these items on hand is important when it comes to helping to combat the first signs of a cold or flu. Yssel says that it is always important to make sure that the products are suited to your child’s age and that the suggested and correct dosage is used.

Linctagon’s range of products contain Pelargonium, which can assist the body to relieve symptoms associated with the common cold and  can help shorten the duration and severity of symptoms. Pelargonium works best when taken 24-48 hours after the first sign of symptoms.  The Lincatgon Junior range includes the Linctagon-C Junior effervescent, the Linctagon Viral defence Junior and the Linctagon throat lollies.

By Shawn Greyling

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