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The franchised group of Priority Bonds is offering an amazing deal to all potential clients. As part of their launch special, they will give you 0.4% cash back on your total bond amount and are offering one lucky subscriber the chance to have their home loan repayments free for a year.

Many people don’t realise that the commission on the bond registration often goes to the estate agent. Priority Bonds are fighting back and giving the consumer the chance to get rewarded for purchasing their new home. The bond origination can be done by anyone the person elects and they are not obliged to accept an offer unless they are happy to do so. Priority Bonds realise that the cost of living continues to increase, so they would like to give their customers something back. This is their way of saying thank you for your support. The winner’s home loan repayments will be made for a total period of 12 months regardless of the interest rate. They will also get you as much as prime less 2.1% on your home loan, subject to the purchaser’s status. Priority Bonds have teamed up with various other companies to assist their clients with services they think they might require when moving into a new house. These include paint, doors, locks, door handles, biometrics, plumbing and contracting services at discounted rates.

Priority Bonds are affiliated to all the major banks and will source their customers the best interest rate. Priority Bonds do, however, offer bond switching, further advances, debt consolidation and building bonds. They are also offering a second prize of a fingerprint recognition lock for your home and designer stainless steel door handles from Essaldoor. The third prize is a set of designer stainless steel door handles from Essaldoor.

Priority Bonds is offering every person who refers a friend to take out their bond with them a chance to win a biometric lock. All subscribers get a 5% discount on the lock and all people taking out their bond with them get a 10% discount on the lock. The fingerprint lock is the latest in technology in SA. It will add style and value to your home and imagine never having to worry about lost keys again? The lock is valued at R3500 (including VAT).

The competition closes on Tuesday, 31st of July 2007 and winners will be announced thereafter. Terms and conditions are available on the website link alongside on the competitions page.

Hints and Tips

1. It is the consumers right to register their bond with whomever they are comfortable with. Most agents will insist that you register your bond with them as they receive the commission.

2. Priority Bonds offers Cash Back to the consumer, other companies may offer o.4% but this may be in the form of vouchers or registration costs. This is often flawed as registration costs are also discounted.

3. Priority Bonds are registered with the FSB, and deal with all major banks.

4. Always read the fine print carefully when choosing a bond originator. Priority Bonds are completely transparent with the consumer. This is because they believe that an informed consumer is a happy consumer.

5. It is a free service that they offer. The consumer should not pay anything for the origination as they are paid directly by the banks.

6. The consumer is not obligated to accept the offer unless they are comfortable with what is being offered.

7. Priority Bonds have national coverage with their head office in Wynberg, Sandton.

8. Buying a home should be an exciting new stage in your life; this is why Priority Bonds is here – to help with all the hassles when dealing with the banks and by rewarding you for your support.

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