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If you are looking to start the New Year on a more positive note, then the Promises of God may just be what you are looking for! This wonderful CD set comprises six volumes that cover many of the promises in the Bible, covering every aspect of your life – from finances and health to relationships and work! You can listen to the CD’s in the car or before work each morning and then apply them to your life that day. The aim is to internalise the 43 carefully selected topics, as well as the scriptures on which they are based.

Each CD is priced at R99 (excluding VAT and postage) and can be ordered online. We think this is a wonderful way to start each day!

About the CDs

God’s word is eternal. There are more than 7900 promises in the Bible concerning every aspect of life. Listen attentively to the promises; make them the principles of your life. Apply these principles diligently to every problem situation you may encounter, whether it is fear, lack of finance, ill health or wisdom, and allow yourself then to marvel at the wonderful provision of God. Always remember that Gods word that is conceived in your heart then formed by your tongue and spoken out of your mouth becomes a spiritual force releasing the ablility of God within you.

The idea for the production of these compact discs arose when it was found that the 7900 promises in the Bible covering every aspect of our daily living was hardly known.
If you are unaware of the promises, how can you be expected to lay hold of it, claim it, live according to it.

The CD set is an excellent tool with which you can familiarise yourself with the promises. The set carries 43 carefully selected topics ranging from finances, health, patience and many more.

Volume 1

• I have committed my life to the Lord, now what does Gods’ word hold in store for me?

• I know that Jesus died for me because of his infinite love and his desire is to give me eternal life. I need assurances from his word.

• Everyone must die. What do you mean by eternal life? The body dies, but the soul lives on. Yet the body will be resurrected when Christ returns to earth again.

• Everybody is telling me the good news that Jesus is coming again, but how can I be sure?

• Now that I know that Jesus is coming back again, when can we expect Him, what signs must I look for?

• I love Jesus and I am eagerly waiting and expecting His return. What will happen to me when Jesus returns?

• I am a child of the living God; I love the Lord yet I am plagued with various temptations. What is Gods’ answer to these temptations?

Volume 2

• I yearn to be pure before God in my daily living. Will God help me keep my life clean?

• I desire to live a clean and pure life before God and man, but what will happen when I slip and fall? Will God help me?

• I love God and I love His word yet sometimes doubts cloud my mind. What is Gods’ answer to my doubts?

• I earnestly desire the joy and happiness that I see in some of Gods children. What is Gods direction to this happiness and joy?

• When I stumble in my daily walk with God I am overcome with guilt. How do I get rid of my guilt complex?

• I have friends from all walks of life. Some saved and other unsaved. What does the word say about my friends?

Volume 3

• I am a child of God; I have experienced Gods love and forgiveness yet sometimes I am overcome with insecurity. how do I get rid of my insecurity?

• Many people claim that fate controls our lives, but surely as a child of God my life must have divine guidance?

• In my daily walk with God I have to make important decisions. I don’t want to trust in my own wisdom or ability. I need God to help me make the right decisions.

• I tend to become very impatient in dealing with people or situations. What is Gods answer to my impatience?

• Although I have friends and family around me yet I am overcome by loneliness. What is Gods answer to my loneliness?

• I am frustrated at my work, frustrated in the church, frustrated in my daily living. What is Gods answer to my frustrations?

• I know that God is the supplier of all my needs, but yet somehow I just don’t have enough money to go around.

Volume 4

• In the daily life I live, everything seems to be moving frantically. Where can I find peace of mind?

• I have consulted every doctor, spent huge amounts on medication. I would give anything to have good health.

• In this evil world that we are living in I am often afraid and need protection for myself and my family.

• I need to grow in my Spiritual walk with God.

• My desire is to be pleasing unto God. How do I keep my life clean and holy?

• My mind is full of ideas and plans for the future; however, I know I must surrender my ambitions to God.

• I know I am quick to answer, and sometimes i am indiscreet in what I say. Do my words have eternal value?

Volume 5

• Why is it that everybody seems to be against me at work or even in social meetings? I feel I am being persecuted.

• I seem to land in conflict situations. What am i to do as a child of God?

• Why is it that everybody seems to be asking me for help or money? I know God says I must be a cheerful giver, but people seem to be taking advantage of me.

• I have received so much from the Lord since I gave my heart to Jesus. I cannot contain myself. I want to share it with the world.

• Since the love of Jesus has filled my heart, I feel I want to share this love with everyone.

• God is so wonderful, so great and awesome. I want to give all praise to him.

• With the constant pressure of my daily life I need to practice Gods presence in my life.

• With the major expansion of knowledge in our present age, I need to believe that the word of God is true and living.

• I have accepted Christ as my personal Savior and I desire to be baptised in his Holy Spirit.

Volume 6

• With so much confusion and false teaching being spread I desire that God will teach me his truth.

• Although I know God as my personal Savior I need God to instil faith in me.

• In my work situation, my circle of acquaintances and my home there is great darkness. I need Gods light in this darkness.

• Sometimes when I pray I feel that my prayers do not even penetrate the ceiling. I expect miraculous answers to my prayers.

• I am bound by habits and hindrances, which hold me back from the fullness of Gods presence. I need freedom.

• In my own strength I feel so inadequate and useless. I desperately need Gods strength in my life.

• Is there still hope in this perverse age that I am living in?

• How can I ensure that my life is in Gods perfect plan?

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