Our Proudest Moments of 2016

2016 was a tough one but we’ve made it all the way to the end. Well done to us. Here is a look back on some of the coolest stuff that happened this year. 


Wade van Niekerk Breaks The Olympics

Regardless of being trained by a granny, The the current world record holder, world champion and Olympic champion in the 400 metres proved that if the odds are against you your victory will be so much sweeter. We low five you, Wade for being such an inspiration to all of us.

Janie Erasmus Wins Miss Deaf World

From working at a Spar in the East Rand to being crowned the most inspiring lady in the deaf community, Janie Erasmus is an inspiration and a half. “To all my Rainbow-supporters in South Africa and new international friends – thank you for your support, kind words and messages of encouragement for my participation in the Miss Deaf World Pageant…” Humble through and through, you deserve a hug and a half from the Joburg.co.za crew.

We Break Ground In Preventing HIV

In November the HVTN 702 trial started. A revolutionary vaccine was tested that could prevent the HIV infection from manifesting in a host. At the time of writing this, the trial was still running but looks to be promise the saving of millions of lives and to this disease being eradicated in our lifetime. How cool is that? That is great news we can’t help to shout out about.

Our Super Telescope Takes Its First Images And Flips Science

At only at a quarter of its eventual capacity, the MeerKat radio telescope captures 1 300 galaxies in a tiny corner of our universe – where only 70 were known before. How’s that for showing off? There are so many cool things happening in South Africa that we sometimes overlook the good news.

A Massive Dino Fossil Is Discovered By Roadworkers 

A huge collection of fossils, including of some species that have not been documented by scientists before, were discovered during construction work on the N2 highway near Grahamstown. These fossils date about 416 million years ago. One step forward for Homo Erectus us and one giant leap for our ancesters, right?

By Shawn Greyling

What else happened in 2016 that we should be celebrating? Let us know in the comments section below. Share the good news and show your friends on social media why South Africa is a cool place to live in. 


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