Pure Indulgence At Prime Grill

The next time you’re up for a meaty feast, there’s no better place to head to than Prime Grill in Cedar Square. Just wait until you hear what we feasted on at our Christmas lunch.

Everyone loves a good ol’ office Christmas lunch, right? Well, ours was probably the greatest. We were treated to a delicious lunch at Prime Grill in Cedar Square, and it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed feasting on their delicious food. Just wait until you hear what we ate – you’ll be rushing over there in no time!

As you might’ve guessed, Prime Grill is primarily a grill-focused restaurant. So their specialities are their steaks – but we went all out and had starters, mains and desserts so that we could try a bit of everything. Definitely the right choice, don’t you agree?

Everyone ate something different, so we all got to see just what the Prime Grill chefs are capable of, and let me tell you, they’re more than capable. I went for the grilled calamari starter, while my colleagues chose everything from oven roasted marrow bone to steak tartar. The starters were a hit!

Next up, mains – Prime Grill prides itself on using only the finest A-grade meats that are aged for 28 days to ensure that they’re tender and flavourful. Everything is flame grilled with Maldon salt and dry roasted fragrant herbs. Because their meat is so full of flavour, they discourage ordering a basting (unless you insist!).

Prime Grill Strip 1


I decided to be different and go for the Norwegian salmon, which I had with cauliflower mash. The fish was cooked to perfection and the mash was a great, healthy addition to my meal. Of course, I had to steal a piece of steak from my colleague’s plate (she wasn’t looking so it doesn’t even count) – the fillet on the bone is as delicious as I imagined it would be – but my food envy disappeared as soon as I inhaled another mouthful of my salmon.

Other orders included lamb curry with Basmati rice, fillet and mushroom (in a creamy sauce) pasta, rib eye, lamb shank and sirloin. Between mouthfuls of food, everyone went on about how tasty their meals were so it’s safe to say that Prime Grill was a great choice, and that our table looked like a full-on feast!

Dessert (the part I was looking forward to the most) was a decadent dark Belgian chocolate torte for me and a classic ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, sorbet, apple crumble and crème brûlée for my colleagues. We definitely overindulged but isn’t that what Christmas parties are all about? I think I’m going to insist that we have our next office get-together here… now, to find an excuse to celebrate!

By Nikki Samakosky

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