Randburg Raceway

Randburg Raceway

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Indoor karting is an ideal and different form of entertainment. Adrenaline-pumping excitement for individuals on an ‘arrive and drive’ basis and they also cater for corporate functions – indoor karting is successful for integrating staff and building team spirit!

The endurance race is the most exciting race format 5 or 6 teams compete in either a 1-hour or 2-hour relay event. The object of the race is to be the team with the most laps at the end of the race. Tremendous crowd participation ensures adrenaline-pumping excitement till the very last lap.

Randburg Raceway also caters for kids parties and bachelors – all ages welcome!

Karting for Kids
Recommended for children from the age of 10 years and older. Karts are available where the seats have been moved as far forward as possible so that the kids can reach the pedals. Drivers are to wear closed shoes and long pants. Loose clothing must be removed or secured i.e. no scarves or open jackets. Drivers with long hair should ensure that it is tied up or tucked into the back of their shirts. They allow 6 children at a time. Bookings are important. Normally for 10 kids about an hour is needed, as it takes time for the indemnities to be filled in, children briefed etc and in between their races they do accommodate other drivers.

If you would like to book the premises for 1 hour exclusively where no other drivers race then the cost is R2000 for 5 karts and the kids have the full use of those karts for the hour.

Younger children who cannot reach the pedals sufficiently or cannot control the kart will not be allowed to drive. During the week they can accommodate younger children as they then have more time to coach the kids and a Safety Marshal is available to assist them.

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