Randpark Golf Course Introduces FootGolf

You’ve heard of golf, and you’ve heard of football but… have you heard of FootGolf? Neither have us until now! Randpark Golf Course is the first in SA to introduce this interesting sport to the masses.


Sunday the 3rd of June was a fantastic, monumental day for Randpark Golf Club. After many years of success at Creek-9, Randpark has decided to introduce FootGolf to their Bushwillow course. Everyone who attended the launch this past Sunday have confirmed that they will definitely be back with all their friends and family.

What Is FootGolf?

Footgolf is described to be a combination of Football and Golf, adhering to the rules of Golf. FootGolf South Africa (FGSA) is the only exclusive member of The Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) and recognised governing body for the sport of FootGolf in South Africa. The ball used in FootGolf is specifically designed to ensure that there is no damage to the golf course. Similarly, there are strict rules regarding the attire. No football or rugby togs are allowed on the course, and soccer uniforms of any kind are completely banned. The standard FootGolf attire consists of a flat cap or driver hat, a collared shirt, golf pants or shorts, knee-high Argyle socks and indoor or turf soccer shoes. FootGolf is a great way to introduce anyone to the game of golf, keeping it relaxed and enjoyable for all.


Where Did FootGolf Come From?

Quite an interesting story, really. We’ll give you the short and sweet version, though. Dutch football and golf fans Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten (brother of Dutch leftwinger, Willem Korsten), were the creators of the Footgolf game we know and love today. They are also the organisers of the first tournament played the way the sport is played today around the world. The two launched FootGolf in the Netherlands in 2008.

Contact Randpark Golf Club on 011 215 8600 to book your next four-ball on the new exciting FootGolf course.

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