Refreshing Cocktails For Spring!

Spring is finally here, and we all know what that means – lazy afternoons in the sun, catching a tan, cooling off with a dip in the pool, and sipping on refreshing cocktails! And, thanks to Sodastream, we have four cocktail recipes for you to try out! Plus, we are giving away one Sodastream to one lucky reader! After reading the recipes, don’t forget to enter!


75ml rum
25 mint leaves
2 tbsp sugar
30ml lime juice
125ml Sodastream soda water

1. Place mint leaves in bottom of glass.
2. Add crushed ice, rum, sugar, and lime juice and muddle.
3. Add Sodastream soda water, garnish with mint leaves and serve.
4. For extra flavour, salt coat the rim of the glass by dipping it into the lime juice and then into salt before filling it.

Blue Hawaii

30ml Blue Curacao liqueur
125ml gin
175ml Sodastream lemonade
30ml lemon juice
2 tsp sugar

1. Measure a glass full of ice cubes into a cocktail shaker.
2. Add all ingredients except the soda water.
3. Shake and pour back into the glass.
4. Add Sodastream soda water, stir and serve.

Ginger Fizz

30ml vodka
75ml coconut rum
125ml Sodastream soda water
Sodastream Ginger Ale syrup (to taste)

1. Mix the crushed ice, vodka and coconut rum and muddle.
2. Add Sodastream soda water and the ginger ale syrup to taste.
3. Garnish with mint leaves and serve.

Sunset Boulevard

125ml vodka
1 orange
15ml lime juice (freshly squeezed)
500ml Sodastream soda water
Sodastream Orange

1. Peel the orange and segment by removing all skin and pips.
2. Pour the vodka, lime juice and Sodastream Mango & Orange syrup into a glass.
3. Add the Sodastream soda water and the orange segments and serve.

Source: Cocktail recipes from Sodastream.


One lucky reader stands the chance to win a Sodastream, including three Sodastream flavoured syrups!

To enter, simply send us an email with your name and contact details along with the subject line “Sodastream Competition” to before Tuesday, 15 September 2015 at 12:00.

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