Relax And Unwind At Octavia’s Day Spa

A friend of mine, who is relocating, decided to treat me to a day at the spa recently. Of course, I couldn’t say no to a day to relax, unwind, and gossip for hours with my BFF of 24 years who is moving to Australia (needless to say, I needed some ‘us’ time). We decided to go to Octavia’s Day Spa in Emperor’s Palace.

While every spa has pretty much the same feel when you walk in, I have to say Octavia’s — which is situated in the 5-star D’Oreale Grande Hotel at Emperor’s Palace — really knows how to make you feel like royalty from the moment you arrive. The therapists are friendly and welcoming, and give you the space needed for the heavenly journey which awaits you.

Octavia’s offers a range of treatments, from facials to body treatments, massages, waxing and more. They also have something for the guys (hint hint!).

Anyway, back to us, we started off enjoying a cappuccino by the Roman bath, before having a little dip into heaven, of course. It was quiet, and the perfect place to spend some quality time together and allowing ourselves to switch off from our crazy, busy lives.

Feeling completely peaceful, we were then called in for our treatments. We had booked manicures and pedicures and couldn’t wait to just lie back with our feet up — something we moms don’t get to do very often. We even caught the therapists smiling every now and then as they listened in on our little chat. Let’s hope what happens in Octavia’s stays in Octavia’s.

After having our hands and feet done, we enjoyed some of the spa’s facilities, from the Swiss shower to the sauna and steam room — it was just amazing! With frizzy hair, and extremely relaxed bodies, we decided to get dressed and give our tummies a little spoiling too; it was time for some lunch.

We made our way to Aurelia’s restaurant, just outside, and enjoyed some time in the sun while munching away on calorie-filled meals. Don’t judge us… who knows when we will be able to bond like this again.

So girls, if you’re in need of some pampering or just some time away from the world, book a treatment (or two) and make a day out of it. You deserve it.

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 By Angela Bekiaris

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