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Richard Dorfmeister

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Richard Dorfmeister (along with his partner Peter Kruder) is one of the most highly respected producers and DJ’s currently working on the international dance scene.
Based in Austria – Kruder and Dorfmeister pioneered the slow-tempo, lounge style ELECTRONICA and they have become synonymous with this sound.

They have remixed tracks for such celebrated artists as Madonna, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Bjork and they also created the now legendary K&D Sessions compilations.

As DJ’s they travel the world setting dance floors on fire and heads spinning with an intelligent blend of cutting edge beats (often direct from their own studios). They create music for the feet as well as for the mind. Richard Dorfmeister will bring his 2008 brand of mixed beats to Johannesburg for the first time since his underground appearance here 8 years ago. Those in the know are still talking about that gig and the excitement about his forthcoming set is already rising.

Date: Saturday, 5th of April

Tickets are available in advance only, so call The Crazy 88 on the number alongside
to book and pay for your tickets now!

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