Ritual Cafe Celebrates Its Six-Month Anniversary

Ritual Cafe is one of those places where the menu reads like a sonnet written by Shakespeare in love. We were fortunate enough to celebrate this little Linden restaurant’s sixth month of pleasantries with the owner and chef Sean Ackermann. 

ritual cafe

Every now and then a restaurant comes along that just climbs straight into your heart. You form a brilliant bond with it and no matter how many times you’ve been to it you always order the same item from the menu. Ritual Cafe is one of those for us. By far.

It’s a massive accomplishment for a restaurant to make it past the six-month mark. For Ritual Cafe in Linden, we all knew they’re going to make it. Proof if is in the pudding, well in the lamb burgers, calamari and veg options in this instance.Chef and proprietor Sean Ackermann, is known for owning an eye for detail. It is to this that Sean and his wife Julia Kunstler has transformed Ritual Cafe into a food favourite in the neighbourhood. If one looks at the menu it is easy to understand why this eatery is a hit amongst the locals. From lamb meatballs in Habanero relish to walnut, gorgonzola, sundried tomato and roasted pepper gnocchi, each dish is constructed of combined and contrasted flavours. With that said, it should be mentioned that Sean has no formal training. He creates dishes with feeling –  in the same manner an artist would approach painting. Be sure to have Ritual Cafe’s lamb burger – the tzatziki and mint turn the burger into something beautiful. For the vegetarians, the halloumi burger is a winner by far.

The atmosphere is pleasant and the decor even more so. Fine wood finishing, quirky wall-mounted shelves and an overall feeling of cosiness acts as the brûlée on top of the dish that is Ritual Cafe. The restaurant does not sell alcohol but encourages guests to bring their own – for which there is no charge. In closing, do yourself a favour and check out Ritual Cafe – they have our stamp of approval.

By Shawn Greyling

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