Room – A Film Review

Everyone should go and see Room. Beautifully adapted from the novel, this story will uplift you in ways you never thought possible. 


I was lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of the highly anticipated Room. I absolutely loved the film and want to tell you just a little bit about it… no spoilers, I promise!

The touching tale follows the life of a woman and her five-year-old son who live in the same surroundings year in and year out. The two of them are trapped in a windowless space that they call Room. As the days go by, the two of them plan an escape and risk having to deal with something even scarier than the surroundings they’ve come to know … the outside!

Starring Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers and Wendy Crewson, this stunning adaptation of a novel is a must-see for everyone!

by Fallyn Farber

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