Rose Martini

Andanté recently got engaged and obviously as LekkerBekke, a celebration was called for! We hosted a late afternoon cocktail and snacks event, serving different styles of Bruchetta, Crab California Rolls, Cold Soup Shooters and an array of cocktails, one of which was so well received we just had to share the recipe with you. It’s pink, pretty, girly and super elegant!


About 30 servings
750ml Vodka
250ml Rose Water
2L Water
500ml White Sugar
100ml Fresh lemon Juice
Red Food Colouring

How to make it
Bring water to the boil and dissolve the sugar. Set aside to cool.
Mix the vodka, rose water & lemon juice.
Add sugar water once cooled.
Add one or two drops red food colouring. (It should be a light pink, not fuchsia)
Chill mix until ready to be served.
Garnish with rose petals.
We pre-made and chilled the mix in pretty glass bottles. This allowed guests to serve it as they wished – on crushed ice, straight or strained through a cocktail shaker & ice.
Rose water is very inexpensive when bought from Indian specialty shops.
Drip the food colouring onto a small spoon first to make sure you don’t add too much colour to the final mix.

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