Rosebank Showcases Largest Living Wall In Africa

If you haven’t been to Rosebank in a while, you might want to pop by and view the amazing vertical living wall that everyone has been raving about – it’s HUGE!!

What is it?

The Zone @Rosebank is now home to the largest living wall in Africa. The newly introduced wall runs alongside News Café, Bombay Blues and RocoMamas which are situated on the ground floor of The Zone Boulevard.

The living wall also creates a perfect backdrop to the bustling atmosphere and has integrated The Zone Boulevard and The Zone @ Rosebank with this beautiful living installation, further complementing all aspects that The Zone@ Rosebank is renowned for.

“Living walls enable us to reclaim our natural surroundings and restore balance between humans and nature,” says Soné Verster, landscape architect for Organic Space, creators of the living wall.

“Not all plants thrive in a wall environment and we had to consider this when designing the feature,” says Verster. Over 30 plant species were used, including indigenous varieties such as the spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum. A felt pocket system was created to accommodate the soil, allowing for root growth and providing the required nutrients to the plants.

The wall creates a standout piece of natural beauty, and at 90m2 is now dubbed the largest installation of its kind in Africa.

Have you seen the living wall? Share your thoughts with us.

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One thought on “Rosebank Showcases Largest Living Wall In Africa

  1. There is a building on the cnr of 11th avenue and Rivonia Blvd, just off rivonia road that is almost entirely covered by plants.


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