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I have definitely underestimated the RUB Skin and Body Clinic in Bryanston. I have often parked right outside its doors before waddling over to Ghazal for some of the best Indian food in Gauteng, always assuming that this beauty salon was rather small, even though there was a steady stream of both men and women in and out the front gate. So when I was invited to try their “New Life” machine, I decided it was as good a time as any to see what they have to offer. And boy am I glad I went!

Something that struck me immediately was the very welcoming environment. Apparently many team members have been there since the salon launched, even the owner’s mom came over the say HI. When I think of all the franchises popping up all over Joburg, this was such a welcome relief. I was actually treated like a real person and not just a number.

I was then taken through the salon, which is BIG, and shown the room where my slimming treatment would take place. All the rooms are spacious and have separate air conditioned units – such a pleasure when compared to the little boxes that most salons call “treatment rooms” where you spend many a happy hour listening to the lady next door divulging her best kept secrets. This was private and peaceful – I was impressed already.

As this was my first treatment, my measurements were taken – and Kerry was very careful to make small marks on my stomach, hips and thighs to make sure that she took post-treatment measurements in the same place. I then lay down and had some black magnetic strips applied above various muscles on my legs and stomach, before I was put on the “Beginner” program on the New Life machine. BOY is it an odd feeling. It’s quite ticklish at first – with the electrical currents flowing through the wires to each muscle and making it contract. I actually preferred it when Kerry turned up the “volume” on the machine to make it stronger because the stronger the current, the less ticklish it was, and the better contraction of each muscle. It’s so weird lying there and watching your muscles work hard – especially your stomach muscles – and because the magnetic strips are so carefully placed, you are targeting the muscles in your body that you want to work – your abs, quads, triceps – you name it. And it’s actually quite relaxing once you get use to the feeling – I found myself enjoying it.

Later, when the machine had stopped and I was “de-wired”, I was amazed at how my body was tingling from the increased circulation and workout my muscles had been through. Kerry told me that I would actually feel quite stiff tomorrow – bonus! She also took my measurements once again – and I was amazed to find that I had lost two centimeters from each leg, another two from around my waist and almost three from my hips. And it’s not water weight or temporary – but the result of working muscles that become more toned.

Despite the fact that I was invited for one treatment – I have signed up for a course of 12. At the moment, I don’t have time to go to gym – and I like the fact that my metabolism and circulation will benefit from my treatments, even if my heart rate doesn’t go up. But it’s a good start to getting some muscle tone that I can then enhance and maintain at the gym.

I was also quite interested in their Velasmoooth treatments that target cellulite and help contour your body, focussing predominantly on problem areas. From what I understand, this is a machine that has a suction-type effect as it moves over various parts of your body. Another option for women wanting to feel a bit better about themselves and their body.

I will keep you posted on my results – but if you are feeling that your pants are too tight or that you are hiding a flabby tummy with your clothes, then this might be an investment worth considering. A course of 12 is R3 564 – and there is currently a special on where you get some free treatment vouchers with each course booked.

If you are toying with the idea, but are not too sure about signing up, then why not book a stunning pedicure and chat to some of the therapists. It is such a warm and accepting environment – where you feel inspired to look after yourself a bit better as you walk out the door. They have such a wide range of treatments available – have a look at their website for more information. But please make a plan to go – it’s rare for me to rave about a beauty salon – but this is an absolute find. Just go – even a pedicure will leave you feeling beautiful. And their advice is free!

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