Sprint To Get Your New Running Shoes With Vitality Active Rewards Shoe Booster

There’s no better way to get your heart rate up than putting on your running shoes and heading to a track, street, treadmill or a lovely green park for a sprint. We all know quality running shoes can be rather expensive, but having the proper footwear is important – which is why Vitality Active Rewards has come up with a great way for runners and fitness lovers to earn a pair without spending a fortune.

Vitality Presents Their Vitality Active Rewards Shoe Booster Benefit!

Getting a new pair of quality running shoes has never been easier, thanks to a brand new benefit by Vitality. Discovery Vitality members can now activate this benefit just by getting active. The Vitality Active Rewards Shoe Booster benefit gives members the opportunity to earn up to 100% cash back on a pair of running shoes, which makes getting fit a lot more fun and a whole lot less expensive …

Shoe Booster will be available for road running, trail running, and lightweight running shoes at Sportsmans Warehouse for three months between now and 14 April 2017.


How Vitality Active Rewards Shoe Booster Benefit Works

If you would like to activate your Shoe Booster benefit, follow these six easy steps, and you will be closer to a new pair of running shoes in no time!

  • Step 1: Download the latest version of the Discovery app and activate Vitality Active Rewards.
  • Step 2: Activate HealthyGear and complete a Vitality Age and Vitality Fitness Assessment to get up to 25% cash back on your purchases at Sportsmans Warehouse.
  • Step 3: Activate Shoe Booster from Vitality Active Rewards in the Discovery app for a once-off fee of R300 and get a free, optional 2017 Team Vitality Running membership. Members who have already signed up for Team Vitality Running 2017 will have their Shoe Booster activation fee waivered.
  • Step 4: Visit your nearest Sportsmans Warehouse and buy yourself a new pair of running shoes.
  • Step 5: Get active in any way that suits your lifestyle to earn Vitality fitness points and achieve your weekly, personalised Vitality Active Rewards goals.
  • Step 6: Get up to 75% monthly cash back off the price of your new running shoes based on how many goals you achieve each month over a 12-month period.

It’s that easy! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Get active and enjoy your new kicks!


For More Information

For more information about the Shoe Booster benefit and for Terms and Conditions, visit the Vitality Active Rewards page.

You can also check out Discovery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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