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SA Corporate Training and Coaching offers the following range of services:

Performance Management Systems, Business and Sales Training Toolkits:

SA Corporate Training and Coaching provides business toolkits and solutions for:

– Uplifting people and organisational performance in terms of capacity (what people do) and capability (how they do it).
– Simplifying and integrating the business processes your people use to deliver sustainable high performance.

SA Corporate Training and Coaching’s Cultural Change Programs are designed to develop and increase performance through consistent coaching, training and continuous improvement performance:

Phase 1 (Individuals)
Deals with:

– The task/process: Is the task well built, do the processes work,
– Feedback (is timely and effective feedback happening regularly?
– Competency (are the necessary skills and competencies in place)
– Importance (is the task understood personally and organisationally?)
– Capability (is there both capability and willingness to do the task)

Vision, Mission, Goals (Good task, expectations, feedback) inputs into right things right executed right (Competency, Importance, Capability, Personal Issues) results, outputs = Satisfaction i.e. right things right.

The process filters out the negative behaviours that lead to wrong activities and poor performance.
i.e. Direction, Understanding, Planning, Execution, Measurement = Right things Right.

Phase 2 (Teams)
Deals with:

The best formulated solution to developing consistent high performance within individuals and between them. Tailored to fit the unique culture and challenges of your organisation, it provides the essential shared purpose, direction and energy for the team to produce phenomenal results.

The elements are: Purpose and Authority; Roles and Responsibilities; Process and Operations; Skills and Capabilities; Tools and Methods; Continuous Improvement

Phase 3 – (Organisations)
Deals with:

Finding out how your organisation is truly performing. Focus on: What to change, What to change to, How to effect change, Denison Mission, Denison Involvement, Denison Adaptability, Denison Consistency, Project Performance

The procedural methods will give you a true and accurate measure of: How involved and capable your people are; How close and responsive you are to your customers; How capability is executed across the organisation.

Key Outcomes

Phase 1 will deliver an Individual that is: Self Managing; Self Leading; Accountable for their Results; Focused on Continuous Improvement
Phase 2 will deliver a team that is: Focused; Interdependent; Resourceful; Supportive; Trusting
Phase 3 will deliver an organisation that has a: Planning method to execute strategy; Common agreed set of processes, policies, measurements and behaviours; Toolkit to remove any constraint; Method for Continuous Improvement.

What makes this systems unique and effective is the integration of the three phases that deliver first class individuals, world class teams and an organisation capable of effective change in a high performance culture.

SA Corporate Training and Coaching also has a performance sales system:

Which is a toolkit trained into all people and roles related to your Sales Function: E.g. Sales Teams; Sales Managers; Sales Directors; Executive Directors; Marketing Managers; Service Managers (Toolkits training is followed up by on-the-job Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) for every delegate).

Process Coaching must therefore always precede skills development:

Supporting Business Solutions:

Organisational Shift, Sales/Strategic Performance Leadership, Linden Negotiation Systems, Advanced Presentation Systems, Distance Management, Programme Management, Business Case Building, People Power, Role Profiling, Lead Flow Management, etc.

Coaching and Mentoring, Consulting

SA Corporate Training and Coaching aims to add value by delivering results that impact on the sustainability and success of your business and your life.

Some of the benefits of using these services:

– To implement strategy to achieve your goals and your vision;
– Align the values of your staff with the values of your business;
– Empower you to take responsibility for change;
– Eliminate values conflicts in your life allowing you to live a more fulfilled life;
– Enhance your negotiation skills;
– Develop you into a successful role model;
– Increased focus on, and assistance with, organisational and personal planning;
– Improved interpersonal skills;
– Provide different viewpoints and ideas that will challenge existing paradigms;
– Facilitate a greater sense of purpose and workplace satisfaction;
– Uncover insights into the culture, roles and ‘local’ rules within your own organisation;
– Reaching your organisational goals;
– Empowerment and independent assessment of performance.

The purpose is to coach individuals and organisations to uncover their true potential and to build their confidence in implementing strategy towards fulfilling their purpose.

The Vision
Is to bring about transformation in the marketplace by assisting clients to achieve greater self-awareness and clarity of vision, empowering them to develop strategy and to take responsibility for change and generating in them a ‘winning’ mindset.

Their values are: Service Excellence; Integrity; Passion; Expertise

SA Corporate Training and Coaching focuses on achieving the task, building the team and building the individual.

SA Corporate Training and Coaching provides services in business coaching, executive coaching and life coaching as well as other consulting services to government, corporates and owner-managed businesses.

The range of coaching services:

– Executive Coaching aimed at Directors and business owners;
– Leadership Coaching aimed at Senior, Middle and Junior management;
– Business Coaching aimed at Business owners, Corporate teams, Franchisors and Entrepreneurs; and

Additionally, within their network they have coaches who possess specialist competencies and provide the opportunity to deliver a broad range consulting service in the following areas: Finance, Sales and Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management

They offer a comprehensive selection of services for both your business and personal needs to enable you to remain focused on the ‘big picture’ issues including: staff development, customer focus and balancing your work and personal life.

Business coaching lifts your vision beyond the day to day running of the business. An alternative to time consuming formal management training, coaching can improve your communication with staff and assists all types of businesses.

The program can be tailored for owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses through to team coaching in large corporations for individuals or executive teams.

To assist you to plan your future and stay ahead of the competition you can choose from the following programmes:

– Compilation of a Generic Diagnostic Report;
– Deriving a Strategic Business Plan
– Strategic Operational Planning
– Marketing Planning and implementation
– Succession Planning

SA Corporate Training and Coaching recognises that every organisation is different and that it needs change over time. To meet your specific situation, they can tailor a range of services into one integrated package: Development Coaching / Performance Coaching / Skills Coaching / Agenda Coaching.

Train the Business Mentor-Leader Program

Designed for individuals in Leadership Roles to be transformed into world class mentors and leaders:

This Services SETA accredited course is designed to prepare leaders in skills that will enable them to guide organisations through a process of change. It will also equip others to work as teams to accomplish organisational goals in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Other Services

SA Corporate Training and Coaching coaches share a background rich in diverse technical competencies and have expertise in all areas of:

– Finance (Financial management; Tax structuring and advice; Venture capital sourcing; Mergers and Acquisitions; Estate planning; Costing)
– Sales and Marketing (Comprehensive Marketing; strategy and plan; Comprehensive Sales strategy and plan)
– Operations Management (Manufacturing management; Strategic procurement; Logistics; Quality Management; Benchmarking; Health and Safety; Loss control; Technical due diligence)
– Human Resource Management (HR Administration; HR Development; Labour consulting)
– Project Management
– Organisational values’ alignment

Clients Include

FNB, ABSA, ESKOM – Security, SAB Miller, FIAT, SARS (top 600 Managers), ALTECH – (All divisions), Beyond Outsourcing, CHC Group (Chemical and Mining business),
Multichoice, • Swartland Group • MNET • Department of Community Safety and Security, • Peach Pro Manufacturing • Sign-It-All •Telkom • Quest • Tyco Healthcare, • Tecroveer (Pty) Ltd • Global Occnet Consultants (Pty) Ltd , CISA (South Africa) • HBD & Shuttleworth Foundation ,• • West Coast Municipality, • Cape Theological Seminary
• City of Cape Town, • • Insurance Brokers Resource Centre (Pty) Ltd , • National Business Initiative (NBI)
• S.H.E.P – Du Noon , N.C.I.B, • African Project Development Facility , TZARS (Pty) Ltd, • Khula Finance Corporation
• Skyball (Pty) Ltd , • Santam, • Global Outsourcing solutions, • Electro Inductive Industries
AGES (Pty) Ltd, Volkswagen SA, • Spectrum Ukhanyo, • PE&R, Comsec,Umsombomvu Youth Fund, • Harvest Christian Church

SA Corporate Training and Coaching travels throughout SA

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