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For the first time, Golfmedia™ is offering advertising opportunities for your company to gain valuable exposure in South Africa. For many corporations, golfers
are an ideal target audience because of their significant buying power. Golfmedia developed a unique medium for national and local advertisers to access thousands of golfers. The Golfmedia™ product is a patented outdoor billboard manufactured in the shape of an attractive golf bag for placement throughout golf course facilities. The company has successfully shown product acceptance by golf courses around the country and around the world.


Golfmedia is a unique product offering significant advantages to advertisers and golf course facilities alike. For an advertiser, Golfmedia solves two problems. The advertiser is assured that it will target a specific audience, the golfer. Thus, Golfmedia eliminates the concept of Lost Rands – Rands spent on a media that end up capturing the wrong audience.


Your ad will be viewed a minimum of 65 000 times per month per golf course (based on an average of 40 000 rounds played per golf course in South Africa with 20 billboards!) Proven to be 100% effective in a most powerful targeted market.

Cost: R600 per month per bag

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