Salsa Is A Mexican Dance Of Flavours

Salsa is a Mexican spot that you just have to try out for yourself! Here, they put a healthier twist on the kind of Mexican food we’re used to … and it’s great!

When we walked into Salsa Mexican Grill, hostess Mary promised us a trip to Mexico – no visa required … and let me tell you, we almost go there after a few mojitos and tequila shots.

Salsa Mexican Grill has a dual menu, with traditional dishes on the one side and a make-your-own-feast alternative on the other … this part is divided into bases or bowls, protein, extras and salsas – there’s more than one ingredient to choose from in the ‘extras’ section, so you can build a lot of variety into one course, depending on how creative (or hungry) you feel.

I had a chilli-Asian salad to start and a scrumptious skinny chicken taco for mains, while my partner opted for traditional nachos. In between mouthfuls, he said something along the lines of, “You get nachos and nachos, but these are good nachos.”

Dessert was a visual feast long before it hit the taste buds – a towering taco was stuffed with ice cream, strawberries and chopped Oreos served with the option of craft tequila, which is infused on-site … flavours to sample include lemon and ginger, coffee and vanilla and mixed berries laid over 100 per cent agave tequila imported from Mexico.

If you’re wondering how Salsa came about, brothers and business partners Thanasi and George Nicolopoulos say that they got their inspiration from Arizona and California, where they spent many months eating mainly Mexican food.

Back in South Africa, they saw a gap in the market and set out to create Salsa in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The brothers say they wanted to dispel the myth that all Mexican food is deep fried, so they introduced healthy options – free-range and grass-fed meat (it’s all the rage and it’s so good for you) and everything is made fresh. But don’t take my word for it, try out Salsa Mexican Grill for yourself!

By Iza Grek

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One thought on “Salsa Is A Mexican Dance Of Flavours

  1. Am sorry but I lived in the US NYC and ate Mexican from all areas Queens, Brooklyn Manhattan and no joint in South Africa comes close! None..if anyone can prove me wrong…please feel free to contact me…Mexican is my favourite…and i am so disappointed by local offerings….thanks.


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