Salud: Healthy Food Finds You

Salud has just solved the healthy eating problem… read on and be amazed.


Before we get started, please note that this review was written with one hand on the keyboard and the other furiously scooping Marrakesh Chicken Salad into my mouth with a plastic fork.

Table manners aside, let’s bite this review down to size. The biggest reason why diets flop within the first week is because we don’t have decent food close by. In an ideal world, we’d survive on thin slices of cucumber and mixed leaves to keep that beach body going… but our tastebuds don’t swing that way. Trust me, I’ve been trying to live off of oatmeal for the past three weeks and I’ve developed a grudge against grains everywhere. This is where Salud comes in.
What if, instead of slipping out at lunch time to buy yourself a drum full of fried chicken, you could be having a low-calorie meal your body will thank you for later? You tilt your head sideways as if you don’t slip out for some junk food at 12:30 at least three times a week. It’s okay, you are not alone in this. I had the same problem until Salud arrived in town.

So the idea behind Salud is simple: healthy food finds you. Just go to Salud’s website or give them a call, place your order and wait at the door for your food to arrive.

For a first try, I ordered the Hake Vierge which consists of grilled hake topped with a piquant sauce Vierge – a combination of fresh tomato, calamata olives, dill, parsley, capers and lemon zest – served with basil pesto tossed zucchini and carrot noodles. The portions are perfect and I was not left feeling over nor under-fed. The presentation is amazing too. It’s the kind of food you just can’t help but tag #instafood because it’s so #instagood.


Now, as a snack I am having the Marrakesh Chicken Salad – the one I mentioned at the beginning – and it is hands down one of the best salads I’ve had in ages. This Moroccan inspired couscous salad is tossed with dried apricots, chickpeas, fresh mint, parsley and subtle citrus notes, topped with paprika crusted chicken slices. It’s served with a spicy – but not too hot – yogurt salad dressing. All this at 523 calories is not too shabby at all. Not too shabby… at. all.

All Salud meals come neatly packed, complete with nutritional information – calories are specified which is awesome for us calorie counters. Orders for Monday and Tuesday need to be placed before 11:00 the preceding Friday.
Orders placed for Wednesday and Thursday need to be placed before Monday, 11:00.
Orders for Friday need to be placed before Wednesday, 11:00. Got that? Don’t say I didn’t warn you because I just did.

Follow Salud on Facebook and stay up to date with their amazing deals and dishes. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Pop them a mail at and find out what’s cooking on the healthy side of life.


Stand a chance to win two meals from Salud. It’s very easy to enter! Have a look:

Win Healthy Meals With Salud

Have you had Salud’s meal solutions before? Let us know in the comments section below. Show this to friends and colleagues and let’s all jump on the balanced and healthy eating train together.

Words by Shawn Greyling

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