Samsung Releases Virtual Reality to the Public

Looks like the future is finally here, and it’s pretty bright. Full HD bright to be exact. We’re delving into Samsung‘s Gear VR in order to bring you up to speed.


Samsung’s Gear VR headset hit South African shores recently and for a limited time only, the electronics company is giving away this contraption with the sale of its latest smart phone, the Galaxy S7 and S7s.

The use of graphics, sound and input technology in home cinema and video games can be incorporated into VR. Several Virtual Reality head mounted displays were released for this purpose during the early to mid ’90s. These included the Virtual Boy developed by Nintendo, the iGlasses developed by Virtual I-O, the Cybermaxx developed by Victormaxx and the VFX1 Headgear developed by Forte Technologies. Since its inception as an entertainment device the world around, virtual reality has significantly advanced to the point where something as simple as a cellphone can be used to explore universes never even dreamed of.

But back to Samsung’s new gadget. Not only does the Gear VR have a wider interface, it is now 19% lighter compared to the previous model – which was in beta stage for quite some time – and with its larger touch-pad, the device is much easier to control. There are no bad seats at this theatre according to Samsung’s PR guys. The big screen is all yours. Whenever you’re ready, pick what you want from a vast selection of content and settle down with a snack of your choice. It sounds pretty cool to have your own private cinema strapped to your face but the biggest problem with the headset is that it is only compatible with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge, Note5, S6, and S6 edge.

“Anything is possible when you’re inside Gear VR,”  Samsung says. From interactive maps to high definition gaming the Gear VR has been integrated to give the user a full experience, and content will slowly but surely grow as the system moves into more homes the world over.”

Whether VR headsets are a fad or a mainstay only time will tell. For now we’ll stick to big screen TVs and early access computer games, thank you very much.


By Shawn Greyling

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One thought on “Samsung Releases Virtual Reality to the Public

  1. I heard the add on radio valid till end March on Samsung S7 (VR Headset). When I enquired how I go about claiming mine, they said that the offer expired 20 March?????


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